Friday, April 5, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Easter Binges and Becoming a Yogi

I'd like to start by talking about HEALTH today because I have a little confession:

I've literally eaten my body weight in bacon and Cadbury Mini Eggs this past week.

I should be sorry about it...but I'm just not!!! Easter was so much fun and we had such delicious meals to enjoy with our families...I just couldn't say "no" to anything. Not the bacon, not the candy and CERTAINLY not the carrot cake.

But a week of crappy eating is enough for me. Most of our candy and junk is either gone, or stashed away in the special treat bag hidden in the back of the pantry. I mean come can't simply throw away chocolate bunnies from Fannie Mae for crying out loud! But the junk does need to be hidden, especially from the kids. Out of sight, out of mind.

And while we are at it, we also have to step up our healthy(ish) dinners this week. Here's the menu I've got cooking right now:

FRIDAY: Cobb Salad (Addie will eat salad, Blake will just eat the chicken and eggs)
SATURDAY: Linguini with Shrimp Scampi (kids eat the noodles buttered with parm)
SUNDAY: Burgers on the grill with veggies
TUESDAY: Leftovers
THURSDAY: Homemade pizza

The goal is really just to eat at home the WHOLE week (since we don't have any parties or commitments) and eat more veggies. LOTS more veggies.

Even though this week sucked in the health department, FITNESS was a different story.

For starters, I managed to do Yoga at home 5 out of the last 6 days and it feels GREAT! Some days I only did about 20 minutes in the morning or at night, but it was still just what I needed to kick start the day or de-stress before bed. After all the intensity of Jillian's workouts last month, its nice to workout in a more peaceful environment. I also need this for my flexibility and even though I am not jumping around like a crazy person, I am still sweating and my muscles are still shaking when I am done. I think this is a nice change of pace for the month :-)

And then comes running. I said in my goals post last week that I want to run 50 miles in the month of April but I was a little behind in setting up my Nike+ goal so it didn't take effect until today. Too bad this run on Monday didn't count for it because it was seriously my FASTEST 3 MILES EVER!! I had an 8'44 pace and finished in 26:18. If I had just gone another .09 miles, it would have registered as my fastest 5K ever (my current PR for a 5K is 27:47). DAMN IT!! Oh's still something to be proud of!! It's also nice to see how my outdoor runs have been getting faster! I can't wait until ALL my runs can be outdoors!!

And speaking of outdoor runs, this weekend I have my first race of the season!!! The Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle is one of the largest races in Chicago (with around 40,000 runners) and words can't express how EXCITED I AM!!!!!!!! My buddies Carol and Tom are running it with me and we will all be rocking some special t-shirts.

T-Rex. Duh.

Oh, and tutus for Carol and I, of course. 

My Daddy-O was supposed to be running this race with us but after his surgery in February, he hasn't been able to train. So he will be wearing T-Rex in spirit.

Only 3 more sleeps!!!!!

So was your week in the health and fitness department?


  1. Those shirts are awesome! I hope you have a great time at the race! You are super speedy! Your menu for the week looks really good.

  2. I need to get back to Yoga. I haven't done it in a while. I plan to go back to class on Tuesday. Way to go on your 3 mile time!!! That is awesome!!

  3. Yeah!!! You're doing more yoga!! Isn't it great to feel peaceful when you workout? Good luck this weekend, that would be a fun race to try someday!

  4. Yay for yoga! It does make you feel so good & is such a great compliment to running!
    Have fun this weekend and good luck :)

  5. Wow 9 link ups this week!! Makes me feel like a total slacker! I REALLY wanted to link up this week and tell everyone that I have lost 40 LBS! But I'm still at 39 lbs and I forgot it was Friday.....AGAIN....BOO! Good luck at your race! I'll be there in spirit! :-)

  6. GAH!! I only wish we could do yoga together. I'm so happy your run went well this weekend, lovie!!! xo


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