Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Recital Pics, Sleepovers & Some Shamrock Shufflin

I really should title this post our WEEK in a nutshell, since my blog took a backseat to everything else we had going on last week. So here is a quick little recap :-)

On Tuesday, the kids and I FINALLY got to spend some quality time with Auntie Marie! Her birthday is tomorrow {HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE} and even though the visit was supposed to be about us giving HER a gift, the kids got some special treats of their own. SO SPOILED!!

On Thursday, Addie got to have a sleepover with one of her girlfriends from school. It was their Spring Break and I had been promising to have Natalie over FOREVER! So we finally made it happen.

Addie and Natalie have actually known each other since they started dancing together at 2-years-old, so it's been fun to watch their little friendship develop.

This was supposed to be a "girls" sleepover, but Blake was ALL UP in their business.

Thankfully, the girls didn't mind him tagging along :-) After all...he DID let them drive his Jeep!

On Saturday, it was off to Addie's Dance Recital pictures. The girls have the CUTEST costume this year for their tap routine. I die over these pictures every time I look at girl has such sass in front of the camera.

On Saturday afternoon, Nana offered to take the kiddies for a sleepover so that I could catch up on a few things and get some major SLEEP before my race on Sunday. I always wonder why my kids never want to come home after a night at Nana's and this is why...

While I was dropping the kids off that afternoon, we had a VERY exciting discovery!!!! Someone has her very first WIGGLY TOOTH!!!

This moment is so bittersweet for me. Addie is beside herself with excitement, but I can't help but feel a little sad that my BABY is losing her BABY teeth!!! Tear...

Luckily, we are all set with our tooth fairy pillow {thanks to Nana} and I've already glittered up some money. So now we just wait...and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!!!

That night, I got the most amazing 8 hours of sleep and woke up before the sun to head to the city and run my first race of the season, the Shamrock Shuffle 8K. Hands down the BEST race in Chicago. This was my third time running it and PRed again with an amazing time. But I will save all those exciting details for Health & Fitness Friday. For now...I will just leave you with my favorite pic from the day :-)

We were blessed with some amazing weather and I am so glad we got to take advantage of it, especially since it is supposed to rain here the rest of the week. BOO!! was everyone else's weekend?!! I hope you had nice weather wherever you are!!


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  2. Awe! I miss my dance days! Such cute outfits. :) Love your tutu girl!


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