Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Tooth Fairy's Very First Visit

I feel like it was only yesterday that I posted about Addie cutting her very first tooth. In fact, I love that I can go back on this blog and read about those special moments. I honestly couldn't remember where I was when I finally felt that little tooth popping through and then I read that post and I was like YES!!! I was in church and she was chewing on my finger. I even have a picture of us from that day. Just look at all that drool on her little dress.

And now here I sit, 5 years later, writing out the story of the day she lost that same tooth. 

We were at the Davis Family Reunion this weekend and the kids were all going wild in the bouncy house. Addie had spent the last week showing everyone her wiggly tooth so she was very much aware of it. But when she came out of the bouncy house that day, Eric saw she had just a little drip of blood on her chin and when she smiled and went to wipe it off, Eric yelled, "ADDIE! Your tooth is gone!" 

Addie screamed so loud she actually scared me. I saw all this commotion over by the bounce house and I saw Aunt Dana climb in. For a second I thought someone was hurt but then I heard all the kids shouting that Addie lost her tooth!! They were all crawling (or bouncing) around the house looking for it but I was SURE she had swallowed it. And that made me sad because I really, really wanted her to have it for her pillow.

Anyway, a few minutes later I heard Aunt Dana shout from the bouncy, "I found the TOOTH!!!!!" and all the kids went wild clapping and yelling. Then of course they all crowded around her to see it. The magic tooth.

Have you seen a happier face in your life?

 That night, Addie and I couldn't wait to get home and set her pillow out for the tooth fairy. Nana made her the most adorable pillow (and she is working on her own design to sell in our shop. YAY!) and thanks to Aunt Dana Nia's toothfairy, I knew to sparkle up some money ahead of time.

And because I am a sucker for late night crafting, I decided to also make Addie a little Tooth Fairy Receipt. It was all perfect and it took her FOREVER to fall asleep that night.

But when she woke up, everything was waiting for her...

Including some glittered fairy wing prints that were left on the window (but didn't photograph well). I realize the tooth fairy went a liiiiiiittle overboard and clearly inflation has changed the whole tooth industry.

But gosh...the look on that peanut's face when she woke up was worth every penny!!!!

I just can't believe my baby girl has lost her first tooth.

After posting this picture online, I had a few people ask me for a copy of the tooth fairy receipt so I went ahead and made a girl and boy version that you can download from our shop blog here.

And if there is one thing I can tell all of you parents who haven't played tooth fairy's to take out your video camera the night before. I taped Addie telling the story of how and when she lost her tooth, what the tooth fairy looks like, what she thinks she will leave her in her pillow, etc. It is the funniest video ever and I will cherish it always :-)


  1. I am sooooo happy and proud of our little girl, she is just a doll with that missing tooth, I just love her so much!

  2. This is absolutely precious! You are such a good mama! Love that baby pictures of Addie. I didn't realize you had been blogging that long!

  3. Jen...had to post. I can't believe Addie lost her 1st tooth! It is such a cute story and it makes me realize how quickly time is sure your Mom works on a Boy version of the tooth fairy about a pirate fairy or a ninja fairy...I would definitely need one of those!


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