Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thinking Like a Man

Have you ever tired to go a whole day without thinking one negative thing about yourself?

I feel like all women look at themselves in the mirror everyday and find something on their body that they don't like. Their hair, their skin, their thighs, their nose...or all of the above. It's hard not to be critical of the way we look because in our society, we are held to some pretty unrealistic expectations. So we do things to better ourselves on the outside. We wear make-up. We buy cute, trendy clothes. We exercise and try to lose weight. We get a tan. We go to the plastic surgeon. Whatever it takes to make us look (and feel) better on the outside.

But what about the inside?

I can honestly say that at no point in my life have I ever worried about my appearance as much as I worry now about being a good mom. Or a good wife. Or a good daughter, sister, friend, Christian or teacher. Even all those years in college when I felt like my life revolved around how I looked in my dance pants at half-time...I never once lost sleep over it. I never worried to the extent I worry now about making the people in my life happy.

I feel like once you grow up, the silly worries of vanity just sorta take a back seat to the bigger worries that were never part of your life before. As a teenager, did you ever really worry about being a good daughter? I mean I always tried to make my parents proud, but I certainly didn't buy books on being a better daughter. Lose sleep over being a better daughter. GOOGLE how to be a better daughter. I just did what I thought was right each day and when I made mistakes (which was ALL the time) I tried to learn from them and move on.

I want so badly to approach motherhood, my marriage and my life the same way now. You know...taking it one day at a time and trying to do my best in the moment and if it works out GREAT!! If not...well...I can just pour myself a glass of wine and start over tomorrow without beating myself up for failing. And on the days that I admittedly don't try very hard (you know those days) I can be okay with myself for not being the perfect mom, wife, daughter, teacher, whatever.

I read somewhere that women have to actively try to be positive, where as negativity just happens naturally for us. Isn't that sad...but SO TRUE?! The same article said that men are {sometimes} the complete opposite...thinking they are perfect and "doing well" in all aspects of life, even when they are not. I tried so hard to find this article again and hopefully I will soon to share it...but it was interesting and for some reason I started thinking about it last night as I was laying in bed making mental checklists and going over all the ways I sucked that day. Eric was sound asleep next to me, dreaming of rainbows and sunshine.

Some days I really wish I could think like a man.

Maybe not in all aspects of life, because it would get SUPER annoying having the word "BOOBIES" pop into my head 135,678 times before lunch. But I would love to be more confident and turn off my worry switch for even just a few hours a day. I would like to wake up EVERY MORNING, look at myself in the mirror and say...

 I am seriously going to buy this sign and hang it in my bathroom. And in my kitchen. And in my car. And anywhere else I need this reminder. 

And...I am really going to try to go 24 hours without one negative thought about myself in the hopes that I will eventually not have to try so hard to think positively.

1 Day, thinking like a man. Annnnnd GO!


Damn it!!


  1. Lol. This is hilarious, and sad, and so true all at the same time! I have the same thoughts... daily. Worry... daily. Ok. Multiple times a day. But you are so right. We need to look at how wonderful and beautiful our kids are and know that that doesn't happen naturally. It comes from loving and caring parents who truly act and worry on their behalf.
    You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  2. LOL that's too funny. Sadly I bet most men spend a good part of their day thinking about boobies and...other things. I believe that the positive/negative thing is true - I am always quick to be negative and see the worst, my husband is always so positive and sees the bright side. Maybe it's just our personailities and not a male/female thing but we balance each other out. I am incredibly critical of not just how I look but my parenting, etc. I'm taking this challenge to be nicer to myself :)

  3. Thank you so much for writing this! I feel that way all the time!

  4. I love this post!!! I am definitely going to try to go for a whole day without thinking negatively about myself...this was a great inspiration for me today!


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