Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Addie Graduates From Preschool

It seems like only yesterday that my baby girl was starting her SECOND year of preschool. K4, as they call it, was for the "big kids" and Addie couldn't wait to be one of them.

Once again, Addie was blessed with two AMAZING teachers. Teachers who loved her, cared for her, and taught her so much in just 9 short months. She can write her first and last name, she knows her address, she can count to 100 (and loves to skip the 60s for some reason. Ha!), she can do simple math and remember stories and songs by heart. She sings about Jesus ALL. THE. TIME. and asks me to read her bible stories. Although she is a bit of a talker in class, her teachers have always made it a point to tell me how caring, generous and loving she is with the other kids and that just makes me so incredibly proud :-)

On Friday, Addie put on her brand new graduation dress and headed to preschool for one last performance. Audrey was waiting for her of course :-)

Photo: It's Graduation Day!!

The kids put on a great show and sang a bunch of songs from the school year. I took a million pics of them on stage, but this is my FAVORITE because it's obvious that my girl is not afraid to be on stage.

When the kids were done with their performance, they sang one last little number called, "It's Time to Say Goodbye to All My Friends" and I might have lost it just a little. I blame it on Dana...she started crying first :-)

Then it was time for diplomas. I know this isn't the best shot, but it is precious to me. I know I am going to look back on it when she is crossing the stage as a teenager and wonder where the time went.

Before graduation, the teachers asked each kid what they want to be when they grow up and then as each of them went up to the stage, the teachers read their responses. The crowd was in tears listening to them. Her class was full of future fireman, police officers, mommies, cheerleaders, Subway and McDonald's workers and veterinarians. Addie's response was still the same as it was the first day of school...she wants to be a doctor. 

And cue more crying...

After the kids got their certificates, they were able to join all of us in the crowd. Addie spotted her flowers right away :-)

And gave everyone hugs and kisses.

Our little graduate :-)

Although I am so proud of my peanut and so happy that we have another successful school year in the books...I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was a little sad that it's over. I genuinely LOVED her teachers this year.

I guess the only thing that's getting me through is knowing that Blake will hopefully have them one day too. Although, they may not like me as much after they have him. Hahaha! Kidding!! 


I know Addie is excited to be done with school for the summer too, but I know she is going to miss all her buddies.

I guess that just means we have LOTS of playdates in our future!

Before we left, we did our best to grab a few family photos. You will notice some family members missing (ahem...Dad and Blake) but you get what you can get! At least the back of Blake's head is in the one above. Ha!

So here is the graduate with Mima and Papa Steve...

And Nana...

And a very proud Mommy and Daddy.

Aunt Dana was even able to stop in on her way to work to give her favorite niece a big hug...

And some graduation money...which will be spent at Target later this week :-)

So you know what this means...my baby girl is now a 



  1. Congratulations to Addie on graduating! What a special moment for you and your precious family.

  2. So sweet! Her dress is adorable!


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