Monday, May 13, 2013

Keep Calm & Make it Through Finals Week

I am about to admit something really dorky right now...but I used to love finals week in college.

Of course I was stressed as hell, considering I have the WORST case of test-taking anxiety ever, but there was something so fun about the preparation of it all. I remember being at the library with my buddies for hours and hours drinking coffee and laughing about how screwed we were on Dr. Sunburg's Geology final.

I remember cramming for math in my dorm lounge with a group of friends I used to go swing dancing with (Don't make was the 90s). We were only 20 minutes into our study session before someone busted out the Brian Setzer Orchestra. We all got a D on that exam.

And of course, I remember my first finals week as a teacher. I was taking my own grad classes and studying like a crazy person, all the while preparing my own students to take their final. After 6 years as an English major I really only had one piece of advice for them...

11 years later, I still have the same advice. Well that, and...

No coffee, no workee.

So while my students are pulling an all-nighter tonight preparing their writing portfolios and studying for tomorrow's exams, I am going to sleep soundly in my bed :-)

But then tomorrow night, while they party and celebrate, I will be up to my eyeballs in essays and exams pulling my own all-nighter. I just need to remember that in 72 hours, my final grades will be in and school will be OUT FOR SUMMER!!! WOOHOO! Then I will finally be able to spend some time on my other dorky hobbies like making planner pages and rereading Harry Potter from the beginning. Ha!

But until then, I am just going to...

Happy Almost Tuesday friends!! Be back soon!

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  1. I used to enjoy preparing for the final and putting my gigantic teaching portfolios together. I loved school and learning. Makes sense that I have an education degree:)

    My husband makes fun of me because I have read HP more times than I can count...


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