Monday, May 20, 2013

The Past Few Weeks in a Nutshell

It's no secret that I have been a busy little disorganized bee the last few weeks. I keep meaning to recap some of the fun things we've had going on lately but time has seriously gotten away from me! It's almost the end of May and I haven't even posted about our Cinco de Mayo camping trip, Mother's Day or Eric's birthday!

So lets take care of that now with a big old picture post, shall we?

After a very looooooong winter away from our home-on-wheels, Eric and I decided it was time to Spring clean the camper and take her out for a little weekend away. Apparently the rest of our camping buddies were thinking the same thing and we all decided to meet at our club for a Cinco de Mayo extravaganza. Think lots of Mexican food and Lime-a-Ritas. We had an awesome group that weekend and despite the rainy forecast, the weather ended up being absolutely beautiful!! It was so great to get out and see everyone.

We were also able to convince Uncle Ryan, Aunt Meagan and Owen to make the long haul down for some camping fun. Owen LOVED his first bite of campfire s'mores and Uncle Ryan had WAY too much fun chopping logs and building the fire.

 I was so glad we were able to get away for the weekend and recharge our batteries because the next 2 weeks were full off paper grading and coffee drinking for me.

I love teaching more than I can ever explain and in my opinion, there is no greater job in the world. But man...I was SO READY for this semester to be over. Although in 3 short months, I will be SO READY for a new semester to begin :-) That's just how it goes. But until then...I am excited to spend more time on my #1 job...being a Mom. And speaking of which...

The Friday before Mother's Day, Addie's Preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea party. The teachers asked all of the students in private to explain why they love their Mom. Addie's response was,

"Because she's kindful, she's in my heart and she's beautiful."

That response is so Addie and she tells me all the time how I am in her heart. I will honestly cherish that pink piece of paper forever :-)

Next year, when Blake is in preschool, he will have the opportunity to make me crafts and share his own feelings and I'm a little nervous for that. Ha!! The kid is NOT afraid to tell me how he feels. Although, he did tell me on Mother's Day that I was "Bootiful" and that he "Wuves me Berry Much." I'll take it :-)

Our Mother's Day was pretty low-key around here, especially since Mother's Day was also Eric's Birthday!!! I know this isn't very romantic, but we both decided to just go out and buy our own gifts this year. I wanted to upgrade my phone and he wanted some stuff for his fishing boat so we just exchanged cards, hugs and kisses. 

We did have brunch with my Mom and Grams and managed to take this sweet 4 Generation picture...

As well as a few candid shots with Grams and the kids. These make me tear up every time I look at precious.

The best Mother's Day any girl can ask for is a day that she can spend with not only her kiddies, but also all the other very special Mommies in her life. I got to see my Mom and Grams in the morning, and my Mother-in-law and Sis-in-law in the evening for dinner. It ended up being a joint celebration for Eric too so we ended the day with a big old cake!!

Photo: Just ended a fabulous day with a HUGE piece of birthday cake!

That next week, Eric had to finish up his overtime job and I had to submit final grades so we were a little cray-cray around here. Luckily, the kids still had all kinds of fun things to do like playdates with friends and sleepoevers at Grandma and Grandpa's house...

Photo: These two peanuts are off to a sleepover and Grandma and Grandpa's house! They look (and act) more like sisters every day :)

And then when the week was FINALLY over, it was time for some much needed R&R.

Photo: Finals are done, grades are submitted and now I'm just de-stressing with my man Howard. Yay for summer!!

This weekend, we were able to spend a lot of time having fun and playing with kids. Addie asked Eric on Friday if he could take the training wheels off her bike and by Saturday, she was cruising all over the place!!

Photo: Training wheels are GONE!! This little chick is cruising all over the place :)

My big girl :-)

And then on Sunday, we had a little belated Mother's Day/Eric's Birthday celebration at Stone Eagle Tavern (which was SO DELICIOUS) and then we headed over to Cabella's to walk around and check out some fish. The boys (and Addie) had a ball!!!

Photo: A nice little Sunday night out with the fam! Ate some dinner at Stone Eagle Tavern and did some animal watching at Cabella's. The boys (and Addie) were in heaven :)

And now we begin the countdown to summer break! This is Addie's last week of preschool and she has her little graduation on Friday. I am already stocking my purse with tissues :-)

We are planning to camp this weekend for Memorial Day and then after our big dance recital on June 1st, we will be free for the summer!!! The kids are both doing a little T-ball class together and Addie will be taking gymnastics (just to try it out for next year) but other than that, we will be spending a LOT of time in my parents pool and frequenting the splash pad with all of our buddies. Oh, and let's not forget all the camping we have planned. SO MUCH FUN I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!

Yay for summer!!! And yay for being caught up on my blog. Ha!

Happy Monday friends!

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