Monday, June 3, 2013

Addie's 3rd Dance Recital

This last month has been pretty emotional for me. My baby girl is not a baby anymore. Actually...she's not even a preschooler anymore!!

Over the last three years, Addie has turned into this confident, outgoing, funny, beautifully sweet little girl. It's hard to remember those first few months of dance class when she was 2-years-old and wouldn't stay in the room without me. It's hard to remember the days when I thought she would never let go of me and do things on her own.

And now...she is the girl on stage waving frantically into the crowd blowing kisses.

"Shy" isn't even in her vocabulary anymore. 

She is quite the Chatty Cathy and although I don't see that changing anytime soon, I am glad that she has learned to be a good listener when she needs to be.

She is in love with dance...especially tap :-)

And I can see we have many more recitals in our future :-)

But before I get ahead of myself, here is a little peak at this year's recital :-)

 Hands down the CUTEST recital costume ever!! Polkadots and doesn't get any more adorable. Which is fitting, because the girls tap danced to "A You're Adorable" and they did a fantastic job!

Audrey was in a different class this year and did a ballet number to "Cuddly Ducks". Doesn't she look precious too?

As always, the girls had quite the cheering section!!

They had their proud parents...

Proud Grandparents...

And proud Aunts & Uncles!

So that Aunt Meagan could be at Addie's show, Uncle Ryan agreed to watch both boys at our house and he did an awesome job. I think I found Blake's new babysitter! Ha!

Aunt Di made it to the show too and it brought back a lot of recital memories for her :-)

We weren't aloud to take any pictures or video in the actual theater, but I maaaaaaay have grabbed just this one of my girls on stage. We had balcony seats so the view was perfect :-)

Addie's dance studio puts on a fantastic recital every year and this year was no exception. It was their 20th Anniversary so all of the dances were repeats or modernized versions of dances from the past 20 years of recitals. It was so fun to watch :-)

I can't believe another dance year is over!! 3 in the books and still going strong!

Until next year ballerinas!!


  1. Aw Twinnie, I loved looking at these pictures. Addie has grown up so much in the last 3 years, and turned into quite the social butterfly (a chatty girl after our own hearts). I can't wait to have her teach me tap in October!

  2. Adorable! Can't wait to get Avery into dance. I'm hoping to start in fall!


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