Friday, July 19, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Becoming a Morning Person & Tackling My New Training Schedule

It's FRIDAY!!!! Woohoo! Which means it's time for...

Well guys...I can't say I have made any huge progress this week in the fitness (or eating) department, but I am proud that I got in TWO runs while we were on vacation this week. The first run I did early in the morning, all by myself along Lake Macatawa, and it was glorious. It was a cool morning but the sun was shining bright...

And there wasn't a cloud in the sky...

There was the most amazing run/walk/bike path right outside of our campground in Michigan and if you turned left, you ran along Lake Macatawa. If you turned right, it took straight to THE BEACH!!!

Dana I went together that morning and I think we did more goofing off than working out...

 But it was 3 miles round trip so we counted it. It was the most beautiful place to run and I only wish my scenery at home was that beautiful.


So now it's back to neighborhood runs for me and it just isn't the same!! Would it make sense to drive 2.5 hours to Holland every weekend for my long run???

Anyway, now that things are settling down a bit over here and we don't have any trips on the horizon, I am hoping I will be able to get back on a schedule and finally start following my training plan. I have gone back and forth with SO MANY different plans but in the end, I've decided to follow the Hal Higdon 1/2 Marathon Novice 2 program (and app). It calls for 4 days of running a week (although I may sub one of those days for cross training). My new workout schedule and training plan will look something like this:

Mondays: Yoga
Tuesdays: Run
Wednesday: Cross Train
Thursday Run:
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Cross Train (or rest)

Now I just hope Mother Nature eases up on us a little around here so I can get back outside!!!

Before I leave the FITNESS section of today's post, I promised you guys last week that I was going to share a workout, recipe and a bit of inspiration for the week. I have so much fun searching Pinterest...this may have to be a part of every Health & Fitness Friday from here on out.

For fitness this week, I pinned an AWESOME Yoga workout from lululemon. It's designed for runners in training, but after doing it yesterday, I think anyone would benefit from this routine. The instructor was clear and very descriptive so if you've done yoga before, you don't necessarily have to look at the screen to follow along. You can just listen to her and do the moves.

After taking my yoga class on Monday nights again this summer, it's hard to go back to a video, but this one was really easy to follow and I enjoyed it. I hope you do to! let's talk a little bit about HEALTH.

I am sucking in this department guys. STILL eating poorly (thanks to the damn coconut oreos in my cabinet) and I am STILL not getting enough sleep. I have become such a night owl and it's really cramping my style. Even when I want to go to bed early, I can't make myself fall asleep because I am stuck thinking about all the things I should be doing with my "free time". Also? I am addicted to my phone before bed. I feel the need to check Facebook, Twitter, my email, my shop, Pinterest, etc. RIGHT before I go to bed. But as we all know, that stuff sucks us in sometimes and before we know it, a precious hour has passed...a precious hour that we could have been SLEEPING!!

So imagine how perfect this pin was to find as I was surfing Pinterest instead of sleeping :-)
How to Become a Morning Person
Isn't this PERFECT?!!!! SO many awesome tips. I really, really, REALLY want to become a morning person. Anyone else want to try to set their alarm with me this week? My kids usually wake anywhere between 6:30  and 8:00. It's different all the time, but I would LOVE to start getting up at 5:30. I would like to get my workout in and grab a shower, or on days I don't workout, wake up before them to drink a cup of coffee and read a book. Doesn't that sound lovely? Now I just need it to sound lovely when my alarm is going off before the sun :-)

So enough about sleep. Let's talk about food. I was going to post some new recipes today but I honestly haven't cooked a really good meal at home in weeks so instead, I wanted to share this pin that lists 83 healthy recipe substitutes because I honestly think it could change my life!!! I have such a hard time sacrificing the foods I love (hello brownies that go straight to my ass) but if I could still make them with one healthy substitute (like black beans), I wouldn't have to feel so guilty about eating them. Right??
83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions
Does anyone have any other great substitutes they use in food? I have always been a huge fan of fattening dill dip with my veggies but just the other day, my friend Sara had me try this Cucumber Dill Yogurt dip and it was delicious!!!!!

I had no idea how many things you could substitute with greek yogurt but now that I do, I am going to be buying it in the economy size tub :-)

Well guys...that's all the fun I have for today! If I am really going to be setting my alarm for 5:30, I better get my tired butt to bed!!! But thanks for reading along today! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. Love this post! I did the yoga workout last night and loved it!


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