Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Addison's First Day of Kindergarten!!

I am happy to report that Addie and I BOTH made it through her first day of Kindergarten without any tears!!!

Okay that's a lie...I totally cried after she went into the building. But at least I held it together for the most part!! I just can't believe my baby girl is a Kindergartner!!!

This morning Addie woke up with the BIGGEST smile and I just knew that she was going to have the best day ever, despite the fact that she told me last night that she was a teeny tiny bit nervous.

I think what helped her a lot today was knowing that Nia was just down the hall from her.

Now that Nia is a big 1st grader, she was able to show Addie the ropes.

These two were ready to go!

One of the most special things about our morning today (besides the cinnamon rolls I made for breakfast) was that Daddy was able to go into work a little late so that he could walk with us to school!! Addie was so excited to have him there.

Loving her Elvis smile in this one :-)

And this one. Blake wasn't really feeling the pictures at this point either. And MAN...does that kid need a haircut.

My sis and brother-in-law live in the neighborhood right across from the elementary school and they live on a great street with a bunch of other kids Addie and Nia's age. So this morning, they all grabbed their backpacks and walked together :-)

And the boys cruised along with in hand :-)

This is the point where I was fighting back tears...we were almost there and I was going to have to say goodbye!!

I could tell Addie was getting a little nervous so Nia gave her the first big hug...

And then Daddy scooped her up and gave her a bunch of good luck hugs and kisses.

And then she was off! I got a quick kiss as she walked in but that was it. No looking back. I think she may have even skipped to her classroom.

As we walked away, Eric was holding my hand and congratulated me on not holding it together. But then he looked at me with my eyes full of tears and we both laughed. I was so glad we could take her together today. What a special moment.

The next 2 1/2 hours went by in the blink of an eye. Before I knew it we were driving back to get her and when she came out, she was all smiles again and told me she had "A TERRIFIC DAY!"

Tonight we did our "homework", laid out our outfit for tomorrow and set our Tinkerbell alarm clock. School is in session, my friends.

And so it begins...


  1. What precious pictures!!! So happy our "baby girl" had a great day!

  2. This post put a lump in my throat & my girl is only 2!! I'm glad she had a great first day :)

  3. Seriously holding back tears as I put myself in your shoes in just one more year. What a beautiful family you have and way to keep it together!

  4. Aww I totally feel you on this one! How are our babies in Kindergarten? Does Addie only go half day? Nathan goes a full day. 8:15-3:15 the first day was torture for me. I just wanted to sit in the school parking lot all day :)

  5. She has grown up so much just in the past year since I started following your blog! I am so happy that she had a great first day at school!


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