Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday Peeps!

Today I have two very important things to talk about:

1. Why I've decided NOT to run another half marathon this year.

2. What the future holds for Health & Fitness Friday.

These two things have been weighing on my mind a lot lately and I think it's finally time I come to terms with that fact that matter how hard I try...things just don't go the way I planned them.

Let's talk about the half marathon first. As you all know from previous H&FF posts, my friend Amanda {Twinnie} and I were all registered to run the Chicago Monster Dash Half Marathon together this October. I ran this half last year and the weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous and the course was flat as a pancake. For me, it was the ideal time and place to run 13.1 miles and I couldn't wait to do it again.

So when Amanda told me that reading my post about the Monster Dash inspired her to sign up for a half marathon, I BEGGED her to come here and do it with me this year. I bribed her in cute costumes and pumpkin spice lattes and pretty soon...I had her sold. We both submitted our registrations early this summer and I've been recruiting other friends ever since. 

As of early July, I had 5 friends ready to run by my side dressed as one of the Disney Princesses {even my friend Tommers} and I was feeling so optimistic about training and the race in general. We were all going to have a BLAST!!

But then the first of many roadblocks popped up. I found out that my cousin was getting married the NIGHT before the big race. At first I thought this was no big deal. I just wouldn't drink or stay out late. But as soon as I explained my plan to Eric, he practically laughed in my face. He said, "So you're telling me that instead of dancing to Uncle Jimmy's accordion and enjoying all-you-can-drink Riesling, you are going to make us eat dinner and leave?"

He was right...there was no way I could miss the chicken dance. 

Strike one for the race.

About 2 weeks after finding out about the wedding, one of my running buddies went down at a New Kids on the Block concert and broke her foot. I am happy to report that Carol IS recovering, but she wants to save all her energy for the Chicago Marathon so there is no way she could pull off a half marathon a week after, even if she wanted to.

Strike two for the race.

And speaking of the marathon, my other running buddy Aimee has found a way into the race so she will also be running 26.2 miles the week before the Monster. 

One by one, all my princesses were dropping out. Even Tommers had to break the news that his new job would require him to work that day.

As sad as I was to be losing my buddies, I STILL had Amanda! Or at least I did until she found out that airline tickets to Chicago were as much as tickets to London! DAMN IT!! We both cried on the phone that night and cursed our shitty luck.

Strike three for the race.

So now, not only was I going to be running 13.1 miles on little sleep, I was also going to be doing it ALONE! And on my period. And in a stupid princess costume that didn't coordinate with anyone else. Suddenly, the race just wasn't sounding fun to me anymore. But because I'd already paid the money, I wanted to at least start training.

And that I did...two weeks ago. I'd say my runs are going okay, but not awesome. I just can't seem to get my head right. I don't feel that excitement or drive I had last year and I certainly don't feel motivated the way I did through every long run. I just feel kind of "meh" about the whole thing. And I don't know about you guys, but I can't run 13.1 miles of "meh". Know what I mean?

The last few nights I have thought long and hard about what I want to do. I know in my heart that this just isn't the right time to commit to such a big race, but I am having a hard time admitting that because I am not a quitter. I hate giving up on things and not reaching goals that I set for myself. But at the same time, I don't want to waste my time {and my family's time} training for this race if my heart and my head are not in it.

So I made my decision and emailed the peeps over at the Monster Dash and asked if I could switch my registration to either the 10K or the 5K. It looks like I should have no problem doing that and as soon as I read those words, a wave of relief washed over me!! I started whiting out some of the long runs on my calendar and realized now, I wouldn't have to squeeze in 11 miles the day I am helping host a Flashback Prom for my high school, or 12 miles on our weekend trip to Yogi Bear, or 13.1 miles the day after my cousin's wedding. I could just run FOR FUN this fall and do all those little 5Ks and 10Ks that I have been wanting to do. No pressure, no strict schedule, just fun. I know that next year I will get the bug to do a half marathon again and hopefully all my princesses and I will be able to do it together for real! But for now, I am going to enjoy my laid back fall running and schedule my "Pretend" Monster Dash with Amanda. We are dressing up, running at the same time {while on the phone with each other} and making our own special medals to mail across the country. It will be perfect.

Man...if you guys have actually made it to this point in the post, I applaud you. I realize this was a long winded explanation for my decision, but even typing it out and explaining it to myself again gives me the relief I need to accept it and move on. No half marathon for me this year...and I am 100% okay with that :-)


Now...let's talk about the fate of this little link-up. I know I have been terrible about posting on my blog this summer and even though I have done my best to keep up on Health & Fitness Friday posts...I know they've been lacking quality content. But even the crappiest of posts give me motivation to keep exercising and trying new new things. I don't want to say goodbye to Health & Fitness Friday, but I know it needs to change. So here are some of my questions:

1. If I could develop a more structured template for this link-up, and have all of share not just our workouts, but maybe one recipe a week, one motivational Pinterest Pin a week, one workout a week, etc. would that make it easier to write about, even on weeks when we slack in the exercise department?

2. Is once a week just too much to commit to? Should the link-up be a monthly recap, or a bimonthly recap?

3. Has this link-up sorta run it's course for now and maybe I will revisit it down the road?

I am just looking for advice here friends. This link-up is only as good as it's followers and contributors, which is why I want to hear from you guys. Even if you don't link-up every week but enjoy checking in and reading along, please leave a comment and let me know. 

Well MADE IT TO THE END of this insanely long post. I feel sooooooo much better sharing all this with you guys and asking the big questions about this link-up. I am excited for the changes, whatever they end up being :-)


  1. First and foremost, Health & Fitness Friday can't go away! I don't link up every week but I need to start more and I think your idea of number 1 - more structured is a great idea. Have FUN running - that's what it should be about :)

  2. I really loved this linkup and made a lot of good blog friends from it - I didn't stop linking up for any particular reason, I'm just terrible at blogging on Fridays! I agree with the more structured idea. :)

  3. I LOVE this link up. It keeps me accountable. We could do theme weeks or challenges? Would that spice it up? I'm sorry that the universe is against you and half marathon training. Possibly next year??? YOU CAN DO IT!!

  4. I finally remember to link up and you are talking about leaving us!! NOOOO!! :-) Your link up is awesome, your blog is awesome, you are awesome! I read every week regardless if I link up or not and I haven't noticed anything boring!

  5. I love your Friday Health & Fitness, I have just been terrible about linking up. But Fall always inspires me to begin a fresh start. Must be something to do with Back to School...its like starting a new year, a new chapter, a new leaf. I think everybody went a little MIA on blogging this summer, so maybe its about starting fresh. I always love a new recipe so posting something like that every now and then would be awesome!

  6. I may not link up that much, but I do come over and check it out to see what others are doing to keep healthy. It gives me inspiration that I can do it too! I think the first idea is fantastic. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go get my run in!

  7. Firstly, NO more talk about stopping Health and Fitness Friday. Do yo not realize you are the reason that I started running again. I will start a petition if needed!! I feel you when you say your feeling "Meh". I think it has alot to do with our kids being around. I don't really want to cut into there summer. I'm fell really bad for not posting and linking up. I feel that I have let you down. But like Lindsay said, Back to school is the start to a new chapter for all of us. We will all get back into our groove. You will run a another half marathon when the fun comes back. I can't wait to get back to running and having fun. I love the idea of the structured post. Will really help me when i'm being a slacker.

    You have inspired all of us to be better runners. You can't go anywhere. Love you Mama! x
    (ps. sorry for the long comment. It felt appropriate with the long post. Ha!!)

  8. Ok weird. I left a comment yesterday and it's not here. I'm proud of you for deciding a half was too much right now. I have always said that I will not run unless it is fun. Once it becomes a chore I'm out. I think a more structured HFF would be good. Maybe biweekly? Whatever is best for you.

  9. I am so proud of you for realizing that your heart just wasn't in the race this year! I am sort of at that point with the marathon, but it costs sooo much dang money to register that I have a hard time thnking about not doing it! I can't wait until I can just do the 5ks and 10ks that I want for fun!

    And since I already read your post for this week, I am glad you went with more structure, it will help me be more organized too!


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