Friday, August 9, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: 30 Day Challenge 2013 - Week 1

Sorry my post is a little late going up today, guys!! I just woke up and realized, "IT'S FRIDAY ALREADY!!!" Why don't weeks go this fast during the school year? 

And speaking of time going WAY too fast, I just want to apologize for being behind on comments from last week's link-up!! I feel like I was in a time warp this week but I WILL get caught up today :-)

So as most of you know from reading Health & Fitness Friday last week, I am in the middle of a new 30 Day Fitness Challenge with my Facebook group, Operation L.G.N. 

{if you would like to join, please send me an email} 

I added a bunch of new friends to the group this time around and the check-ins have been AWESOME this week!!! Everyone is so energetic and excited...I think it's obvious how much we all needed this new challenge.

Here is a quick recap of my Week 1 so far:

Day 1: 45 Minutes of Runners Yoga
Day 2: 3 mile run
Day 3: Yoga and Tank Top Arms
Day 4: 3 mile run with intervals
Day 5: Yoga
Day 6: Planning for 5 miles
Day 7: Stretching and maybe a bike ride.

In addition to the challenge, this has also been the first week of half marathon training and it feels really good to have a solid running plan again. I liked the whole "Run 50 Miles in a Month" goal, but that came and went and I feel like after that I lost my mojo. So with this plan, I am getting back on track with a routine and not just fitting in as many miles as I can.

And what better way to start a new training plan than with a 5K!

This 5K kills me every year. You literally have to run ALL THE HILLS! It's so hard and I was not feeling 100% on Saturday so I was worried my pace was really going to blow. But to my surprise, I still kept an 8:58 pace!! It's no P.R...but good enough for me :-)

So how was everyone else's week in FITNESS?

Not too much to report on the HEALTH front, other than I am still trying to get some of these summer pounds off me. It's not helping that there are still so many fun cookouts and parties to look forward to either. This is yet another reason I am looking forward to being back on a routine with school.

But one thing I did do this week was sit down and make our Month/Weekly meal plan and that has helped SO MUCH!

This week I also tried my hardest to become a morning person again and if it weren't for an incredible week in our shop with the launch of our Planner Pages...I would have actually done it. But when you stay up till midnight or 1:00am almost EVERY night of the week...that 5:30 alarm is just a joke. At least for me. But I swear guys...THIS IS MY WEEK! And it has to be because school is now less than 2 weeks away. The kids need to start getting to bed early and so do I.

Alright friends...that's all I have for today! I look forward to reading your recaps from this week and last! Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back here every week! I truly couldn't make my fitness goals without you!!

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  1. Holy cow!!!!!! You were awesome this week!!! :) It's my weekend to work, so I don't think I'll get very many mile in, but I DID get in a 6 miler on Monday and a 4 miler on Wednesday. I'm doing the 30 Day Shred DVD today and hopefully I'll make it to my first yoga class one of these days!!!

    LOVE that tank!!!!!! :)


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