Friday, August 30, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday Gets a Makeover

Before I begin today's Health & Fitness Friday post, I just want to say


to everyone who took the time to comment and link-up last week. Deciding not to run the half marathon this year was a big decision and it was so nice to have all of my buddies support me. And that's why I've decided to keep Health & Fitness Fridays going...I would miss you all too much :-)

But it's obvious that if this link-up is going to continue, it needs a little makeover. Flying by the seat of my pants each week is NOT producing fun or inspirational material. In fact, when I go back and read over some of my posts from the last 6 months, it reads like "Confessions of a YoYo Dieter". One week I'm all, "Yay! I've lost 5 pounds" and the next I'm all, "Damn camping food! I'm up 5 pounds!!" All I could think the whole time I was reading them was NO ONE CARES JEN! And seriously...if I read the words "get back on track" one more time...I was going to lose my shit. How have you guys put up with me for so long? Ha!

My posts from last year were so different though. I had so much enthusiasm and excitement. I was training for my first half marathon, I was discovering yoga and cross training, I was trying to eat cleaner and make more meals for my family. I was making all these big changes and trying new things and those posts were fun to read. I loved sharing new recipes, workouts and inspiration and that's honestly what I feel like I need to get back to. This link-up can't just be about the stupid 5 pounds I keep gaining and losing and can't all just be about running. To be TRULY healthy and fit means having a strong


And that, my friends, is what I think this link-up needs to be about. Finding balance in our crazy lives, making time for all the things that are important to us and make us happy and healthy. I found this great post over at Healthy Chicks about living a "nourished life" and it was a fantastic reminder to...

This should be our goal every single day and I think it's the perfect format for our weekly link-up. I want us all to focus every Friday on what we:


This will be the place to share recipes and meal ideas and perhaps set a goal for ourselves each week. For example, my goal this week is to make a fresh breakfast for the kids each day before school. I need to break our Eggo Waffle addiction :-)


This will be the place to share new workouts, set goals and focus on being active. It's also the place to talk about anything the we DO to nourish our soul...even if it means skipping a workout to walk around the mall with your mom or ignoring the piles of laundry to go ride bikes with your kids :-)


This will be the place to share inspiration and focus only on positive and encouraging thoughts. I don't want to spend any more time focusing on all the ways I "failed" each week, because sadly my failures make up quite a bit of my H&FF posts in the past. We will not beat ourselves up for eating cake. We will not beat ourselves up for skipping a workout {or four} and we will CERTAINLY not beat ourselves up over the number on the scale or the size clothes we wear. You know all those fabulous quotes we pin on Pinterest each week? They can go here and hopefully inspire others to think the same way :-)

So what do you guys think of this set-up?!! Your feedback has already helped so much...I just want to make sure this is something you can all get behind and have fun with. I can already see this won't help my Pinterest addiction...but oh well. I am really looking forward to it!!

Thank you all again for being so awesome :-)


  1. This is a very good post Jen, you've taken your time for such good work. People need a good motivation and what can be more happening when your words are reaching to people and you are receiving positive comments. Nothing is more important than being conscious about your lifestyle and healthy living.

  2. I like the format- I decided to follow it too! I missed last week's post when we were on vacation, but I am headed over to read it now!

  3. I'm excited about this new change! Yeay!! Accountability is key in changing.

  4. I love it, I'm totally on board! Speaking of Soul have you read about Sarah Jenks and the Live More, Weigh Less philosophy and program she has? Pretty fantastic, you should check it out. Also, totally forgot to respond last week but I would love to meet up for a run. I mean I use the word "run" loosely, its more like you are looking for an easy workout email me and we'll meet up ;) I'm thinking Riverwalk followed by coffee :) Let me know, have a great weekend camping with the fam!


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