Friday, September 20, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday Will Return Next Week

I never intended to take the ENTIRE week away from my blog. In fact, I had at least 3 really fun posts that I wanted to do this week about Halloween, my thoughts on Dexter and Fall TV and {big shocker} share more free printables I have been working on :-)

But this has been one of those weeks where I've been faced with the same decision each night:

Stay up to blog, or get some sleep.

This was one of those weeks where I had multiple evening commitments (like meetings and workshops) and also was slammed with "nighttime" work. Papers to grade, lesson plans to create, shop orders to fill, new planner pages and calendar stickers to make, etc. and by the time those things were done each night, I was looking at my clock flashing 12:00 or 1:00 and I was left the decision to either put in another hour, or head to bed.

I chose sleep.

Last night was no exception. I got home from my workshop around 9:00pm and by the time I went in to kiss the kids, visited with Eric for a bit, changed into jammies and sat down on the was pushing 10. And I had a mountain of work. I so badly wanted to post for H&FF today, especially because I have BIG health news to discuss {and need advice} but I just didn't have the energy to get er done last night. 

I hope you all understand!!!

But please know that I have big plans for this weekend, including writing those fun posts to schedule for next week. So please come back, my friends. I swear I haven't disappeared for good. I just needed to recharge these old batteries :-)

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  1. I hear you girl! Our lives have been crazy hectic lately too. But you are so right....sleep must be a priority!

    Can't wait to see what fun things you have in store for us!

    Have a great weekend :)


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