Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Weekend in a Nutshell: Girls Night, Family Fun & a Dexter Farewell

If you ever want to know how to convince one of your blogger buddies to drive across the state to host a party for a bunch of your girlfriends, just tell her that you have a big batch of Honeycrisp Apple Sangria in your fridge.

Okay, okay...that wasn't ALL I had to do to get my girl Kodi up here for a visit, but it was definitely a start :-) I really wish the trip didn't have to be all business for her, because we could have talked the night away. We had such a fun night and I REALLY hope that I can convince her to come up for another visit really soon :-)

I was so happy that my Girl's Night was a success, but hot damn...we all know how to trash a house. Ha! Eric even got up on Sunday and said, "Holy Crap! It's like you're in college again." Whoopsie daisies :-) I blame it on the sangria.

But despite the fact that my house was a little messy and my brain a little fuzzy, Dana and I still managed to drag the kids to church this morning. None of us were feeling it. We were all a little sleepy (and cranky) and we almost convinced each other to skip today. But we didn't...and I am SO GLAD!

Today, the church invited a special Pastor to speak at service about his wonderful ministry and all the amazing things they are doing all over the world. The words he spoke, the music he played and the pictures and videos he shared brought Dana and I to tears multiple times. Just picture two hot messes in yesterday's makeup bawling like little babies in their free church coffee. That was us today. We were holding hands, writing donation checks, swearing to each other that we would never take all that we have for granted. We were moved.

And then we got to the car with the kids and know how that goes. 

After some house cleaning and a much needed shower...we all headed over to Aunt Di & Uncle Adam's for some Family Fun on the Farm. It's been a while since we've been to Adam and Di's for some playtime, and this was the perfect fall day to do it. We rode tractors, 4-wheelers and golf carts, and ate smoked chicken, corn casserole and Papa's FAMOUS carmel apples. want a close-up of the apples?

No one makes apples like my Dad. It's taken him 10 years to master that carmel recipe but he's got it down. They were simply delicious.

We had the nicest afternoon and when my Grandma leaned over said, "I'm so lucky"...I couldn't agree with her more.

But enough with the sappy...we had SERIOUS business to get home to tonight. The Series Finale of Dexter was on!!

Now, before I get into my rant, let me warn all of you that there are spoilers in this post

I understand that Dexter is a serial killer. I understand that at some point, he was probably going to have to pay for his crimes. We've all known that for 8 years. At some point...Dexter would get caught. Or be killed. Whatever. 

BUT...the series has been setting us up for something much different. The Dexter we've seen this season is in love. Real love. And he's done things any of us would do to protect the people we love. He has made sacrifices and put aside his own needs to keep his family safe. The season has set us up to believe three important things about Dexter:

1. He is capable of love.

2. He can live without Deb.

And most importantly...

3. He doesn't need  to kill anymore.

For the last 5 years that I have been watching this show, I've always known these 3 things about Dexter. I knew that in the end, he would see more in himself and so would everyone else. So when they started setting up the final season I thought THANK GOD!! They are going to end this with Dexter FINALLY happy!

And maybe I was an idiot to believe that a show as dark as Dexter would end happily. Maybe I was the fool in this. Or maybe I was like every other fan that is completely outraged tonight!!

Here comes the not read on if you haven't watched the final episode.

The thing is...I was almost okay when Dex drove drove himself into the hurricane. I knew it was coming from the minute he put Hannah and Harrison on that bus. He was saying goodbye to them. But I still had hope. Or at least I did until his crazy ass pulled the plug on Deb and walked her out of the hospital in a damn sheet and then carried her ACROSS the busy parking lot down to his boat. Come ON!!!

It was just a terrible send off. Throwing Deb's body off the boat, calling Hannah and Harrison with that half-ass goodbye phone call and then his dramatic launch into the hurricane. GAH!! But I thought if he was going to kill himself to "save" his least it made sense with the show. It was yet another sacrifice he was making for them, even though I was still pissed about it.

But THEN!!!! Then we see Hannah finding out the sad news, walking away with a child that she barely knows and I just want to scream WHY?! But then the scene changes and it isn't over. I get that glimmer of hope. Hope that he faked his death to start over again and soon we will see him in Rio with his new little family.

But we don't see that. We see a dirty, bearded lumberjack that looks a little like the Dexter we knew. 

And then it ends.

I mean...what do I do with that? Why? Why? WHY FOR GOD'S SAKE?

It was just a really big let down for me. I've gotten a kick out of some of the reactions to the finale on Twitter though. If you need a good laugh...I suggest you search #Dexter.

Well enough of all's time to focus on some GOOD TV now and this week we will finally be back on track! I can't wait for Modern Family and Grey's. Eric and I also want to get up to speed on Homeland. Any other good shoes we should start watching this season??

Alright friends...that's all I have for this HUGE installment of Weekend in a Nutshell :-)

Until tomorrow!


  1. I am determined to watch Breaking Bad from the very first season! Is that series ending too? But have heard great things about it AND got it emmys last night. May have to catch up with it on ON Demand. Also, you MUST watch Scandel from Season 1. It is awesome. I love it. Dexter was a HUGE disappointment to me but it really makes me think that something else will come from him still being alive. And I would NEVER send my child with a killer and then leave them! Such an empty feeling with it's ending!

  2. Have you watched any of Homeland? Season 2 is amazing and when it ended I thought there was no way I could wait until it came back on. Orange is the New Black is also really good if you have Netflix!

  3. Give me a break, on second thought just give me another apple!

  4. omg are you kidding me??? Thats how the show ended?? thats crazy! my hubby and I love that show but we dont get the channel so what weve seen has been on netflix and I cannot believe thats how it ends. im really glad i didnt watch it



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