Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Davis' Lately

Instead of starting this post with ANOTHER empty promise about how I am going to get back into my old blogging routine...I'm just going to tell the truth.

I'm re-prioritizing my life.

As much as I love this littly bloggy blog of mine, it is not the priority it once was. Once upon a time, there used to be this MAGICAL thing called "Nap Time". 2-3 hours of peace and quiet each day where I could sit at my computer and type away. I couldn't clean or vacuum, because that would wake the sleeping babies, and I couldn't nap with them, because I have ADHD, so sitting down with a cup of coffee and my laptop to post about our daily shenanigans was the perfect activity. And I am so so happy that I have each and every one of those memories documented. That is also why I would never take blogging completely off my list of priorities. It is special to me and when I can find time to sit down and write...I love doing it.

But it's no secret that I've totally sucked at it lately. Part of me feels bad about it, and the other part of me knows it is for good reason. All of my time away from the blog is spent doing things I love, like being with my family, spending time with friends, growing our business, becoming a better teacher and managing our household. Things are just straight up BUSY right now and until I can learn our new routine and get a little better at managing our time...I am afraid this little blog of mine will have to take the backseat.

At least for now :-)

But since I do finally have a little time to write today, I thought I would do a little recap of what's been going on with the Davis'!!

For starters...we are ALL back in school. 
It's been an adjustment for all of us having to wake up every morning and be ready to start our day by 7:45. Being a stay-at-home-mom, the kids and I have always had the luxury of staying in our jams as long as we want and taking our mornings nice and slow with lots of pancake-eating and cartoon-watching. But now we have to be up, dressed, teeth brushed and ready to walk out the door before Charlie & Lola is even over.

Our evenings have changed a lot too. We have nightly homework, dance practice, library class and of course, I have my own night of school and all the planning/grading that goes along with it.

AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!! I know in a few years I will be looking back on our schedule now and think wow...that was nothing!! So I need to try to enjoy this stage as much as I can because even though it is busy, I still get lots of time with my babies and I know I will miss that so much in a few years.

But speaking of time with the kiddies...we haven't skipped a beat on the weekends. We are still trying to cram in some camping...

And beach days...

And fishing...

Eric and I have also been able to squeeze in some fun. 

We were able to head to the city this weekend to see my friend Amy tie the knot.

She was STUNNING!!!!!!!!!

The best part of her wedding was getting to see some of my old college besties.

Mandy and I haven't seen each other in at least a year, so it was great getting to catch up with her...

And Mr. Sloane..

And Parker and Bentley...who totally partied till they dropped.

Eric was also happy to spend some time catching up with his buddy Jeff.

And SPEAKING of Jeff, incase you didn't already know from following House of Rose, Jeff just launched his first book, Soldier of Finance!!!!


Eric and I just couldn't go to the wedding without a copy for Jeff to sign, so we hit up the State Street Barnes & Noble and wouldn't you know...his book was right there, next to Dave Ramsey's. 

We are so proud of you Jeff!!

After the wedding, and FAR too many champagnes in a can, we had to turn right around and head back to the city for our second night of fun.

For our anniversary, Eric surprised me with tickets to see Michael Buble!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have wanted to see him in concert for years but never had the opportunity. We got Dana and Kevin in on the fun too so it was a perfect double date night.

We got to have a yummy dinner and few cocktails...

And then it was off to see our man. Swoon....

The concert was beyond amazing. His voice, his music, his humor...I loved every second.

And then at the end of his finale, he turned the lights on in the United Center so that he could see the crowd, turned off his mic and sang the rest of the song loud enough for the entire arena to hear him. The crowd was silent until he hit that last note and then the place exploded.

 He was spectacular and worth every single penny. I can't wait to see him again someday.

After our whirlwind weekend in the city and after the kids spent two whole days being spoiled by Nana and Papa...Monday was kinda rough around here.
Most Mondays.
But today is HUMP DAY which means the weekend will be here before we know it! I hope you are all having a great day! Now it's time for us to get Addie from school and jump in Nana and Papa's pool for the last time this season. I hope.


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