Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Halloween in a Nutshell

Every year, on Halloween night, I sit at my computer and upload at least 150 different pictures of the kids in their adorable little costumes. Last year Addie made such a gorgeous Snow White, I uploaded at least 50 of just her. 

And this year we picked out super cute costumes too. I bought Addie's Sophia the First costume at the Disney Store the end of summer because I KNEW it would sell out. And it the end of September. But no worry for us! We had the dress, tiara AND the light-up amulet! We were all set and ready to get our trick-or-treat on.

Blake FINALLY retired his trusty Lightening McQueen costume after 2 years and went with Bumblebee the Rescue Bot. It was the easiest (cheapest) costume we have purchased yet. 

The kids were counting down the days until Halloween and negotiating who would trade what candy. When Addie's school party came a day early, Blake was SO JEALOUS that she got to dress up. I know I am a bit biased because she is my daughter, but she made one CUTE Sophia the First.

Because Addie was Star of the Week during Halloween, I got to come in and read a story to her class. I wasn't chosen for the Halloween class party (I got Christmas) but her teacher was nice enough to let me stay anyway!! So I got to walk in her little parade, 

make some crafts, 

watch the mummy-wrapping contest 

and I even got a quick picture by her Star of the Week board. It was a nice treat :-)

At first I was a little sad that Addie's school party was the day before Halloween (Kinder had Halloween Day off) but when Addie woke up WITH THE FLU the next day, I was thanking my lucky stars that she at least got to wear her costume and party with her friends at school.

So while Addie was sick in bed, this little guy got to go to his Teddy Bear Picnic Party at preschool!

His face is super happy in this picture, but let me tell you...this little dude was far from happy when I told him that he couldn't wear his costume to school. His Christian preschool chooses to do a pajama party instead and his little deer hunting jams were not near as cool as his Bumblebee costume. He was pissed.

Addie was pissed.

I was pissed.

It was pouring rain, Addie was sick, Blake was screaming, "MY BUMBLEBEE COSTEEEEEOOOOM" and I was out of pumpkin coffee. It was a rough start to our Halloween.

And the day didn't get much better. Blake did end up having a blast at his Teddy Bear Picnic and was able to change into Bumblebee within minutes of being home. But after only one quick round of trick-or-treating at Mima & Papa Steve's House...Bumblebee was out for the count.

The rest of the night we passed out candy to the handful of trick-or-treaters that made it out in the rain, drank beer and I uploaded the 6 pictures I got of the kids. It wasn't the ideal Halloween by any means, but we made the best of it and had a good laugh :-)

And now, my friends, it's time to start celebrating my FAVORITE time of the year!!! I swear I won't post pics of Christmas trees just yet...but the bins have been pulled from the shelves, I've been singing Christmas carols all day and I've already had my first red cup of the season.

Cheers to happy that Santa.... HEALTHY holiday season :-)

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  1. Jen loved seeing the kids. Glad all is well with you and so sorry about the meltdown/flu. It was a great one here, but life is lightening fast now with 4. cant believe Zach and Addie are in Kindergarten :)


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