Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I know it's busy and crazy and sometimes a little stressful, but isn't Christmas the BEST TIME OF YEAR??!! 

We've been having so much fun the last two weeks {which is why I haven't found the time to do a proper post} and there is so much more to come!

To really get us all into the spirit last week, Old Man Winter showed his beautiful face and gave us a thick blanket of snow.

I don't know who was more excited about it…the kids, or my Dad. He has been spending many late nights in the garage trying to fix up the old snowmobile that Santa brought my brothers and I almost 24 Christmases ago. Its been a lot of work, but he got the old thing running just in time. And the kids have had a BLAST trying it out.

My boy Tom Skilling just posted on Facebook today that Chicago may be in for a big snow this weekend, which means there will be lots more snowmobiling in our future.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow :-)

Our house elf, Toodles, has also been a busy little guy flying back and forth from the North Pole. This year, he has been helping out with our Advent Activities Calendar and bringing us little things to enjoy or do. This past week, Addie's favorite activity was making her gingerbread house.

She was so proud :-) My favorite Advent Activity is coming up this weekend when Toodles will bring us our Christmas Lights Express tickets and new Christmas jams!! I love driving around and looking at lights…I hope our town doesn't disappoint this year!

And of course, because Christmas is only 9 days away, our festivities are in full swing. We celebrated Christmas Part 1 with my mom's side this past weekend. We said we were cutting down on gifts this year…and clearly NO ONE in the family got the memo :-)

We had such a nice night celebrating together. We ate a TON of delicious food...

Shared lots of hugs :-)

Took lots of great pictures...

Played on our phones :-)

And of course, opened tons of fabulous gifts. This picture of the boys cracks me up.

We were really missing my Aunt Lori that night, but I know she will appreciate all these pictures. We love you Aunt Lori!! Sending our love to Tennessee! Cheers!

So after a great family party, it was time for Eric and I to get some rest because we had his big work shindig on Saturday. We got to stay in a fabulous hotel…

And party the night away in our fancy clothes.

By Sunday, we were all so pooped we could barely get off the couch. So we did lots of this :-)

I know I've said this the last two years, but I think this may be the most magical Christmas ever for the kids. They believe so deeply in everything around them right now, and I don't just mean the fun stuff like Santa, our elf, Jack Frost, etc…but the important stuff too. They know that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus' birth and when I hear them both singing about it…it warms my heart. They know. And they believe. In everything and everyone. I never want that to change :-)

Well the fun doesn't stop here, my friends. LOTS more stuff on the calendar, including Blake's very first Preschool Christmas Program today!! I will recap that tomorrow…after I finish grading a million final exams :-)


  1. another GREAT PARTY!!!! Thanks Jen ans Eric. You guys are the BEST!!!!

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  3. I'm a little late but Merry Christmas friend! I always love to see pictures of your wonderful family!


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