About Me

Growing up, I had a best friend named Dana Davis. She was (and still is) one of the sweetest people in the world and I would spend the night at her house at least twice a month in Junior High. She had an older brother named Eric that would take us for ice-cream every once in a while. He was a little too cool to be hanging out with us "youngsters", but he was still one of the nicest older brothers I knew. Little did I know that he would someday be my HUSBAND!!

When I got my Masters degree from Southern Illinois University in 2004, I was reluctant to move home. I missed my family but Carbondale had been my home for 6 years and all my friends were there! I came back to the Chicago suburbs feeling pretty lost and uncertain about my life. But it didn't take long to land a great job, buy my first townhouse and reconnect with some old friends. Dana and I jumped right back into friendship like we had never lost touch. One of the first things she tried to do when I moved home was set me up with her brother. It took almost a year for us to finally go on our first date but once we did...it was love. It only took us 6 months to move in together and 10 months to get engaged. We were married on August 25th, 2006.

One of the things I loved most about Eric was his desire to be a Daddy. From the day we met, Eric made it clear that he wanted kids and he even went as far as suggesting we just skip the wedding and start our family now. Ha! Everyone assumed that we would have a honeymoon baby but I wanted to spend a little time getting settled first. We spent our first year together buying our dream house and we moved into it just in time to announce our first pregnancy. Eric was finally going to be a Daddy and I was going to be a Mommy :-)

My sweet little Addison was born on March 7th, 2008 and we didn't waste any time giving her a baby brother. My sweet little Blake was born on December 28th, 2009, just three days after Christmas. To say that Eric and I are blessed is an understatement. I have absolutely no idea why God has given us so much, but I thank Him every single day for the opportunity to love these precious babies. They are my life.

As any Mother will tell you...it's not easy raising kids. They drain you of every ounce of energy you have each day. Sometimes that energy is spent hugging, kissing, playing and having fun, while other days that energy is spent disciplining, giving time outs, breaking up fights, and calming tantrums in Target. I gladly gave up my full time job to be a Stay at Home Mommy and after 3 years in this role, I can honestly say that even on my hardest day...it is still the BEST decision I have ever made. The hard days with the kids are never hard enough to make me want to give up this "job" and that's how I know I am doing the right thing. I haven't missed one milestone of my kid's lives and that is a very rare gift. I suppose I owe a lot of this to Eric for being such a hardworking, supportive husband who encouraged me to quit my job in the first place. I love you babe!

And then of course, I owe a lot to my AMAZING family. Seriously...there is no way I could survive motherhood (or life) without the support I get from these people. We are just so blessed to have all of our family so close by.

Take a good look at all the people in these pictures because they are the ones this blog revolves around. They inspire some of my funniest stories and they are responsible for all of my favorite memories. You will know them all well :-)

But when I am not talking about family, I will most likely be talking about some of my other favorite things. Like...

Teaching college English, running, decorating, crafting, blogging, digital scrapbooking, cooking (or learning to cook), going green, getting organized, cleaning house, TV, celebrities, Martha Stewart (my idol), books, my love of Young Adult Fiction (Yes...I heart Harry Potter and Twilight), and wine drinking :-)

I try to keep this blog as fun and upbeat as I can without being fake or overly perky :-) I don't like reading blogs where people complain all the time so I try to save that negative stuff for my late night phone calls to my friends (sorry Dana, Tara, Katie, Tiff, Barb and Linsey. Ha!) I am an honest person...sometimes a little too honest...but I think that makes for the best material :-) I just want this to be a fun place where friends and family can come to read about us and share in the conversation every once in a while.

But consider this a warning...if you don't like reading about poop, hearing my thoughts on the latest Harry Potter movie or tolerating the occasional swear word (I'm a big fan of the word "ass") then perhaps this isn't the blog for you. But if you are down with all these things...

WELCOME FRIENDS!!! Thanks for coming by A Daily Dose of Davis :-)