Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grandma Was Right...Damn! was "nap time experiment day". I was determined to figure out a solution to this little sleep-strike Addison has been on. I started out our first nap routine at about 9:00 this morning with no luck. I rocked her, walked her, swung her, nursed her, sang to her (that made her cry), bounced her and swaddled her. I used a binkie and a boobie and nothing worked! She just flailed and grunted until I sat her up and let her look at me. Then she cracked a big old grin and I couldn't help but squeeze and kiss her. I was just about to give up at that point when I decided I would try one last thing.
While watching Addison for 4 days while Eric and I were in Florida, my Mom became a born-again baby expert. She starts most of her sentences now with "Addie likes" or "Addie doesn't like" and you know annoying as it is to admit sometimes...she knows what she is talking about! The other day when I was telling her about my nap issue, she said "Addie likes when you lay her in her crib, give her a binkie to suck on, and hold her hands until she falls asleep". I only had one response, What-Ever! What baby was she talking about? Give her a binkie and hold her hands? Get serious Grams...this baby needs way more maintenance than that. But, I was desperate today. So I took Addie and layed her in her crib awake, gave her a binkie, and held her hands. She thrashed around for about a minute and then I saw her eyes go closed. She batted them a few times and then shut them for good! I stood there for a minute thinking she was definitely going to wake up any second...but she didn't! I slipped my fingers out of her hands and tip-toed out of her room. And wouldn't you know it...that little peanut slept for almost 2 hours!!! And before I could give all credit to my mom, I tried this process again for her second nap and it worked!!!! Again!!! Okay were right. Damn!

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