Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Nap When I can Suck My Hands?

Its funny...I would give just about anything to have someone pick me up, wrap me in a warm blanket, rock me until I am just on the brink of sleep, and then lay me down in a big cozy bed for 2 hours in the afternoon. Addison, on the other hand, would rather watch the Disney channel and suck her hands. She wants absolutely NOTHING to do with napping right now. I try everything aside from crawling into the crib with her. And I would seriously consider that if I could hoist myself up. But then I would be the one asleep and she would be sucking my hair or something. So, I have to figure out what this little peanut wants. All the baby sleep books say that I just need to keep trying different things. Lay her down right after eating, lay her down every hour instead of every two, lay her down with a binkie, lay her down with a warm blankie, lay her down naked. I looked for the section that says to give her a little glass of wine and a Tylenol PM but as you can guess...they don't recommend that. So, I am on a mission to experiment with different nap time techniques today to see if anything works. I will be sure to report back :-)

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  1. Wine and a Tylenol PM! That made me laugh! I had a headache the other night and wanted to take a PM so badly but I knew with Julia waking up twice in the night that it would be sooo hard to get up.

    I have heard that around 3-4 months babies "wake up" and want nothing to do with naps because they like to look around and play too much. It shouldn't last too long!


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