Sunday, July 6, 2008

Babies First 4th of July!

We don't get to say this often in Illinois...but what FANTASTIC weather we had this weekend! Three days in a row with sunshine and 80 degree temps. And on a holiday weekend no less...I think that is a first for Chicago. And speaking of firsts...Addison celebrated her first 4th of July this weekend!!! Nothing too exctiting from her perspective I suppose. Still too young for hot dogs and fireworks, but she did celebrate in style as you can see. We actually had an action packed weekend. Addison experienced her first weekend of baby party hopping. We started off the weekend by hitting up a BBQ at Uncle Joe's where Addie and Nia laughed and talked over a big bottle of breastmilk. Then on Saturday, it was off to cousin Gracie's first birthday party and since Addie missed a lot of sleep from partying the night before, we had to cut our stay a little short. But thats okay because Gracie was busy doing a cake-stand anyway.  Then on Sunday it was off to Uncle Ryan's for a cook-out. Addie was still hung over from a long weekend so she had to wear her sunglasses most of the day. Isn't it funny how only babies can wear sunglasses, drool all over their shirt and blow bubbles the day after a party and still look cute? So cap off a long, fun-filled weekend...we decided to celebrate Addie's 4-month birthday with a big bowl of rice cereal. It was her very first taste...but I think she liked it! We will have to see how day 2 goes tomorrow :-) 

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