Thursday, July 31, 2008

i mommy

I don't know if it was the traffic, or the fact that I was going to have to say goodbye to my friends today...but I was on the verge of tears my entire drive to work. When I got into the office, everyone gave me the "it's your last day" eyes and I almost lost it. But I don't own waterproof mascara so I needed to try my hardest to hold it together. And I did pretty well up until my going away party this afternoon. It started out like any other campus party. Lots of great food and lots of fun conversation. A few of my colleagues got me some great mommy and baby items with our college logo and let me just say that Addison is more than ready for her first NCC football game :-) We were all having a good laugh and I actually thought I might be able to get out of there without crying. But then, some of my dear friends put together a very special going away gift for me. 

If you have ever been to our college, you might have noticed the various marketing pieces hanging all over campus with sayings like "i teach", "i inspire", "i direct" etc. There is always a corresponding picture to illustrate the message. They are wonderful posters and I always thought they were so creative. Well...our fabulous marketing department put together a very special piece for me. They titled it "i mommy" and it is attached to a picture of Addison and I. The caption reads "Scheduling classes, hiring teachers, writing course descriptions and organizing catalogs--just a few of the many jobs Jennifer completed with a smile on her face and pride in her spirit. But those tasks pale in comparison to the job of "mommy". While her colleagues will miss her dearly, we understand she's moving on to a bigger and better role in the life of a beautiful little girl. Ask Jennifer about her new job and she'll say "i mommy". 

You are totally crying right now aren't you? Well, as you can imagine, I lost it too. Big time. With everyone watching me. But that's okay because I am pretty sure I heard a few other sniffles during the presentation. I just never expected such a warm and sentimental farewell and this is yet another reason why I am going to miss my friends and coworkers so much. But that is the great thing about being a SAHM, I can take Addie up to campus for visits whenever I want. In fact, I can do whatever I want with Addie everyday now because I am no longer the Program Director. I mommy. 


  1. I'm ballin here!!! I remember watching your ticker working it's way down from 6 weeks and thinking how long 6 weeks is. Now I look and the ticker is gone! What an unbelievable send-off from an unbelievable group of co-workers and friends. You were blessed!

  2. Oh my goodness you so have me in tears! What a BEAUTIFUL piece of art. What a great memory to show Addie as well when she gets older.

    Congrats on finally being a SAHM!


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