Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Need a Tooth Fairy

The absolute worst toothache I can remember happened to me in college. I had a cavity the size of a skittle and it was by far the worst pain I can remember (besides my kidney stone and Addison's birth). And even though I knew it was getting worse, I kept putting off going to the dentist because I dreaded walking in that office. The smell, the ugly leather chairs, the classic rock playing on the intercom, the drill...AHHHH! I get freaked out just talking about it! But one night, after sleeping on my bathroom floor with a warm washcloth balled up in my mouth, I decided I had to go. And the verdict was....root canal. But honestly, that part wasn't near as bad as the toothache itself. That was just miserable. The throbbing and aching...AHHH! And as adults, we have lots of things we can do to take away the pain of a toothache (i.e. Vicodin and/or Vodka). But babies are very limited in what they can do...or rather what we can do for them. You can buy every refrigerated teething ring on the market, give them infant Motrin around the clock, and rub their gums until they fall asleep. But in the end, they are still going to have to go through some pain. It's part of life and we should understand that. But as mommies, we still want to magically fix everything for them. I honestly believe their toothache hurts us more than it hurts them. We can't stand to see them in pain or watch them cry. So if medicine, cold plastic and love aren't enough, I guess magic is all we can rely on. So I am wondering...does anyone know a good tooth fairy?

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  1. Have you tried Hylands (I think thats what they are called) tablets?

    Oh, OF COURSE you can see my baby food spread sheet. I am working on it!


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