Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Going to be an Aunt...Again!!!

My sister-in-law Dana and I were best friends long before we were family. We started Kindergarten together in Miss Perkins class in 1986...that was 22 years ago (I know...I am a math genius). But seriously...22 years is a long time to be friends with someone! We have been through it all: recess, trick-or-treating, feathered bangs, poms and cheerleading, graduations, boyfriends, slumber parties...those were our favorite. We would give each other St. Ives facials, eat ice cream, and talk about how we wished we were sisters. Little did we know that 15 years later...our wish would come true! When Eric and I got married, I couldn't help but think how truly blessed I was. I had married my soul mate and as an added bonus...I got to call my best friend my sister! How many people can say that? And what I find so incredibly special about this is that we get to share the next chapter of our lives together. We saw each other get married and have our first babies. And now we sit around talking about how our girls will go through it all: recess, trick-or-treating, feathered bangs (you know they will be back), poms and cheerleading, graduations, boyfriends, and LOTS of slumber parties. And I truly hope that the girls are as close as Dana and I are because having a friend (and family member :-) to share these moments in life with is such a blessing. And when Dana called me tonight to tell me that she is expecting her SECOND BABY, I couldn't help but shed a little tear. My sister is having another baby...and I am here to share it with her :-) I will be Aunt Jen x 2 come March, 2009. Woohoo!!

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