Friday, July 18, 2008

Review: Naptime is the New Happy Hour

For those of you who read Jenny McCarthy's books on pregnancy and motherhood and loved her sense of HAVE to read this book. "Naptime is the New Happy Hour" by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is absolutely hilarious. It's difficult to pick a favorite chapter because each one is funnier than the next. But in order to keep this post from turning into a book itself, I will narrow it down to two. I think "Halloween--and Other Holidays You May End Up Hating Less Than You Thought" and the last chapter "Going For Broke--Or a Second Baby" are my favorites. What I think I like most about this book is that you don't have to be the mother of a toddler to enjoy and laugh at the stories she tells. In "Halloween--and Other Holidays You May End Up Hating Less Than You Thought", Stefanie writes about how annoyed she was with holidays such as Halloween because once you out grow the joys of trick-or-treating, all that is left as an adult are costume parties that turn out to be a parade of slutty nurses, slutty kitties, and slutty unicorns. But when you have a child of your own to dress up and take trick-or-treating...the holiday becomes more fun than you remember. She writes about the first time she dressed up her daughter. A friend gave her the perfect costume. "And then I saw it. The Bumblebee. Oh yeah, little stinger, puffy little body, netted wings, bouncing antennae--she looked like John Belushi circa 1975! I almost shed a tear. You know what she said when she had this on? "I'zz a bee." Um-hmm. And that's when I became a big old Halloween whore". See what I mean? Freaking hilarious!! And it just gets better as the chapter goes on and she talks about the new joys of Christmas, Easter and even Groundhog Day. Although...all she writes about Groundhog day is that it is, has been, and always will be a day for binge drinking...toddler or not :-) 
And then there is my second favorite chapter, "Going for Broke--or a Second Baby". I hope I am not spoiling too much by saying that in the last chapter, Stephanie is trying to decide if her and her husband should try for a second baby. She writes "My decision was obvious. So seven days later, ovulating and buzzed on two glasses of Pinot Grigio (fine, three glasses of cab), around midnight, I date-raped my husband. By three a.m. I was coming up with baby names. By eight a.m. I was out buying pregnancy tests. What is it about one night of trying to make a baby that makes a relatively sane woman start buying home pregnancy tests in bulk?" I will stop there since I don't want to spoil the big ending for anyone :-) But as I said earlier, she has a wonderful sense of humor and I honestly laughed out load about 20 times. So when you are sick of reading your stack of developmental baby books on breastfeeding and sleep training, pick up a copy of this one. It is a fast, funny read and pairs best with a cozy blanket and a little glass (or bottle) of wine :-)

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  1. I saw this book and others by this author at BandN and DIED laughing. It was just what I needed at the time!!

    I think there is another one by another author (or maybe the same??) with a cupcake on the front. Don't spend the money on buying it but try and pick it up for a quick read. Some funny stuff!!!


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