Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almost Forgot About Addie's Favorite Shoes!

Gosh...I almost forgot about the adorable shoes Auntie Mandy got Addison!!!  As you can see, they are personalized so there is no mistaking who's shoes they are. Plus, they are made with Addie's two favorite and pink :-) These shoes are PERFECT for fall and they are super comfortable. Addie is typically not a big fan of wearing shoes but she sure likes these!!! If you are interested in picking up a pair for your little one, you can find them at Happy shopping!!

P.S. Addie says thanks for the great shoes Auntie M!! She loves them!!


  1. I hope you know I was just teasing you! But, I am so glad Addie loves her shoes. They sure look adorable on her! I am counting the days till your visit!!!

  2. Ooohhh... CUTE! I'm on my way over to the link you provided to see if they come in blue.

  3. These are the B E S T! I give them to all the "new babes" i know!! The Dark Brown with Light brown trim & light brown thread for name is an adorable option for boys ;-)


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