Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Brain Moment #164

Since daytime TV sucks a big one (and because I have already seen every episode of A Baby Story), I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics this week. I am always fascinated by the events you rarely hear about like the Modern Pentathlon. I also enjoyed watching table tennis and actually had a conversation about it with a woman in line at Target yesterday. We talked for close to 15 minutes about volleyball, swimming and gymnastics. She asked me what my favorite event is and instead of saying gymnastics (since I had already seen it on TV) I said Ice Skating. And that alone isn't a bad response because she just asked what my favorite event was. But then I followed up with "I wonder when it is going to be on TV. I haven't seen it yet this summer". The woman just sort of looked at me puzzled and said "I think Ice Skating is a winter sport". Um yeah...I guess the word ICE in the title should have tipped me off :-) Freaking genius.

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