Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Food Gourmets

This week I decided it was time to start making some baby food. I always said that I would try it once I was home full-time so here I am! And honestly, it was a lot of fun! I had a helper though...great Grandma showed up for a visit today and since she had to do this for ALL her baby food back in the day, she was a handy resource. We pureed organic peaches and sweet potatoes and yesterday I actually attempted bananas and squash on my own. I will admit...it is a lot of work making your own food at first. You have to clean it, peel it, cook it, puree it, strain it, puree it again, jar it and freeze it. Whew! But if you have a helper like grams...it goes pretty fast! We made all this in an afternoon and if Addie would have slept just a little longer today, we would have gotten to the carrots and green beans I had in the fridge too. I have a total of 18 jars of baby food now (all organic) and I only paid around $5 for the produce it took to make those 18 jars (stage 1). Here is what I have:

1 butternut squash = 5 jars 
3 peaches =  5 jars
1 banana = 2 jars (not pictured)
2 sweet potatoes = 6 jars (once I separate it)

Total: 18 jars
Final Cost: $5

Not too shabby huh! 18 jars of Earth's Best would have been around $11 so as you can see...making your own food really does save money! I am not sure if Addie really knows the difference but she sure chowed down those fresh bananas yesterday! So if anyone is interested in becoming a baby food gourmet like me and grams, I suggest checking out a great website called www.wholesomebabyfood.com. They have great recipes and tips :-) Bonappetit!

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