Sunday, August 31, 2008

I May be Sick...But Not Too Sick to Play!

Well...the new walker is definitely a hit! Two minutes before this picture was taken, Addie was fussing and sniffling. I put her in just for a second so I could grab the phone and as soon as I came back, she was laughing and smiling! So this is where she has been for the last half an hour with snot dripping down her nose and everything. She still can't figure out how to walk in it yet...she just keeps bouncing like it's the jumperoo. But hey...whatever makes her happy right now :-) I am hoping this will tire her out a bit so she will take a nice long nap. Mommy could use one too :-)


  1. Dude, walkers are like manna from heaven. :)

    Along with swings, bouncer seats, excersaucers.....:)

  2. I couldn't agree more. I would be pulling out chunks of hair without these fabulous contraptions :-)


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