Friday, August 29, 2008

Is It Too Early for a Drink?

This is exactly what I look and feel like this morning. Addie decided to wake up every hour and a half last night!! I was sure that after all that fussing and restlessness I would either wake to find a mouth full of new teeth, or a full blown ear infection. But there is nothing wrong with her today! Same two teeth and she is too smiley and happy to be sick. How can a baby who didn't sleep for more than an hour straight last night be up laughing and playing today? My hair is standing up, my mascara is smeared on one eye and I have spit-up on my shirt. And I wasn't even drinking last night! Although I might start drinking this morning. Is it too early for wine?


  1. I mean, I'm not a mama but I would have just popped a bottle open! I mean, I'm a sister (which sometimes can be worse - don't ever have your 1st & 2nd child 7 years apart...not good) and I'm a Stiff Vodka right now...for the minor-drinker that I'm am... It's like drinking at 7 AM! Let's just cross our fingers and hope for a WAY better tomorrow!! xo

  2. Don't you love when these days sneak into your life. I can recall MANY of the same nights with P. I, however, am not as funny at telling the story and making light of the situation. I often think I should take up drinking again just to stay sane.


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