Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Not the Only One Having a Rough Day

So my brother's girlfriend Meagan just e-mailed me the most hilarious story about her day and I had to share. She writes:

Need a good laugh? I can provide is what just happened to me...

I'm wearing these pants with a little zipper on the side...that's how you take them on and off...side zipper. The pants fit just perfectly and there is NO way I can get them off w/out unzipping. All morning when going to the bathroom the zipper kept getting hung up a bit, which I didn't think much about. Well a few moments ago I had to pee...BAD! So I get in there and the darn zipper would NOT go down!!!!! I tried and tried and tried...nothing. I was starting to think I was going to have to tell Brian I have to go home because I have to cut my pants off (a woman boss would be nice in these instances!), then I'm thinking there is no way I'm going to make it the half an hour home with the way I have to pee. Panic set in!! I thought maybe I didn't have the right leverage. So I embarrassingly recruit my friend/co-worker Cyndee to help me. So here we are in the bathroom together, grunting and giggling, talking about unzipping my pants. And no we were not the only ones in there. Finally Cyndee gave it a giant tug and the zipper splits apart. Okay, now at least I can pee!!! So now I am sitting here with the side of my pants safety pinned together....and there's about a .25 inch gap between the seams where my skin and underwear are showing because the pants aren't big enough (or my butt is too big) so I can't completely seal them using the pins. But...THANK GOD for this long shirt trend. My black shirt just covers the sipper. Whew! Good times :-P seems I'm not the only one having a rough day! Addie's advice on the situation..."just go in your pants like I do Aunt Meg. I'll loan you some Pampers :-)" 

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