Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nia Beanie is 1 Year Old!!!

I can still remember getting the call from Dana when she went into labor last year. I didn't answer my cell phone the first few times she called (I am really bad about that) but I figured there was no way she could be in labor...she wasn't due for two more weeks! But sure enough, Nia was on the way. Dana handled labor like a champ. In fact, I think we talked on the phone for close to half an hour while she was having contractions! I am sure if someone would have let her have a Starbucks, we would have talked for another hour :-)

Dana's labor story is one you want to hear when you are pregnant. Her water broke around lunch time and since she works at the hospital, all she had to do was walk upstairs and put on a gown! Once she was settled in her room, she made a few phone calls and hung out with Daddy Kevin. Contractions weren't fun for a few hours but she had Nia just a few hours after dinner.! And this first year of Nia's life has gone by just as fast. It seems like just yesterday I was watching that little peanut roll over for the first time and now she is running all over the house yelling "da da da da". I know I say it all the time, but it is amazing how fast the time goes! Today is Nia's first birthday party and I can't wait to watch her eat her first cake. Happy Birthday my little Nia Beanie! Aunt Jen, Uncle Eric and cousin Addie can't wait to see you today!!!

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