Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wish They Came in My Size

Fall is in the air! If any of you live in the Midwest, I am sure you have been enjoying the cooler, fall-like weather we have been having the past few days. Okay...79 degrees isn't exactly fall-like weather, but compared to the 98 degree days we had a few weeks ago...it feels like fall to me. Plus, all the grocery stores are setting out their mums and you can't go into Babies R Us without running into a rack of Halloween costumes. So I suppose that is what got me thinking about fall and winter and the fact that Addison doesn't have any shoes! Let me rephrase that...she doesn't have any practical shoes. Little gold sandals won't get her through an Illinois winter. So I went on a search for some cute fall/winter baby shoes and I came across these ADORABLE snow boots! They are made by PediPed and you can check them out at www.pediped.com. For free shipping, enter code ptt07. Wish they came in my size :-) 

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  1. Hey...she should have her personalized shoes from Auntie M! :)


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