Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dana Is Having A......

Boy! Woohoo!!!!!! Even though my sister-in-law Dana is only 15 weeks pregnant, she had one of her friends (who is also an ultrasound tech) scan her last night and as soon as the baby came up on the screen, they all looked at each other and said "Its a Boy!!!" Dana and Kevin are just thrilled and Nia is very excited that she has a baby brother on the way. After all these girls in our family, its fun to have a few boys making their appearance. We have to wait until the end of March to meet the little guy, but that's okay because it gives Dana and I plenty of time to shop for some blue clothes. Janie and Jack...here we come!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Early Birthday Dinner!

My birthday isn't for another two weeks, but since my hubby will be working insane hours this month, we thought it would be best celebrate with his family a little early. Let me just say that I LOVE birthdays! My mother-in-law made me the best dinner and to top it off...we had icecream cake! Dairy Queen icecream cakes are my absolute fav and I ate a slice bigger than my head last night (and I wonder why I have love handles). Dana, Kevin and Nia got me a bunch of fun goodies AND a gift certificate for a mani/pedi (which is much needed right now). And since my father-in-law is one of my faithful blog readers...he knew I was saving up for a new front door so him and my mother-in-law made a VERY generous contribution to my door fund!!! Woohoo! Eric thought it was a great present, until he realized that he would have to install it. Sorry babe! But just think how great the house will look!! 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little Vampire

I already have Addie's Halloween costume all picked this year...but now I may have to reconsider. As of today, Addie has cut two new teeth. I figured she would be getting her top teeth soon but I expected her to get the front two teeth first. Nope! Addie has cut her two fang teeth first (sorry...I don't know the proper dental vocabulary) and so it looks like I will have a little vampire on my hands until the front two decide to break through as well. This may be the perfect opportunity to dress Addie up as a little vampire for Halloween. Not only does she have the teeth for it, but she has also learned this new monster noise that she makes ALL the time. All I would have to do is give her a cape and paint a widow's peak on her forehead! If she didn't look so cute in her SIU cheerleading outfit...I would honestly reconsider :-) 

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addie's First Purse

I will admit it....my mom and I have a SERIOUS purse addiction. If they had PAA (Purse Addicts Anonymous), we would be attending meetings each week. So I guess it comes as no surprise that one of the first toys my mom bought Addie was her first purse set. As you can see, it comes with a cell phone (that actually rings), a compact and a change purse. All of the toys are plush so Addie can play with them and not swallow any pieces or get hurt. Her favorite toy is the cell phone...she rings it all day long. And I might have been hallucinating...but I think I actually saw her carrying the purse over her shoulder! I know I might be starting her a little early on purses, but at least when she gets old enough to carry a real one, my mom and I will have quite a collection to share with her :-) 
The company that makes these cute toys, Baby Gund, has LOTS of different sets (ones for boys too). You can find them all Nordstroms and other baby boutiques.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bath Tub Escapee

Uncle Ryan came by last night for a little visit and instead of doing a traditional photoshoot with poses and outfits, we decided to snap some bathtub pics of Addie. Problem was...she didn't want to stay in the tub! She was all over the place splashing and trying to hoist herself up over the ledge. Little stinker. We were able to get a few cute shots of her and this is my favorite. She looks so innocent here doesn't she? She looks like she is just hanging out looking around when really she is plotting her escape. I think my little Houdini (Nia) has been teaching her some tricks :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can't Believe I am This Excited About...

New garage doors!!! About 3 months ago, my garage door (i.e. the garage door on my side of the garage) came off its track and broke. I have been pretty bummed about having to park my beautiful SUV in the driveway because I HATE getting into a hot car with the baby. But because my darling husband reserves the other side of the garage for his tools and motorcycle, I haven't had much of a choice. So as an early birthday present, Eric said we could get new garage doors! I know this might not sound like an exciting gift but when I look ahead to 3 months from now, when the weather turns cold and the snow starts to fall, I am going to be SO HAPPY that I can finally park in the garage. And don't let the gesture fool you...Eric was just as excited as me to get these new doors, so I am not sure I can really call it a birthday present. Maybe we could just call this a "home improvement project" and call the new oak front door I have been eyeing up at Home Depot my "birthday present". Haha!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I know, I know...I am totally slackin today. I am not sure how many loyal readers I actually have but I am sure you are wondering why I haven't posted today. Honestly...I just don't have an ounce of energy left to think of something exciting to write about. I hosted a fantastic dinner party tonight for some of my old work friends and I spent the whole day cooking, cleaning and taking care of baby girl. I am still waiting for one of my friends to send me the ONE picture we actually took tonight and I promise to post it once I receive it (the picture above is from my going away party). I realize now that I should have taken a picture of the beautiful table I set tonight (thanks to inspiration from my favorite lady...Miss Martha Stewart). I could have also taken a picture of the delicious lasagna I made (thanks to google recipes). But I wasn't thinking about it at the time and now the lasagna is just a dirty pan and my table is back to normal. Boo :-( But I am sure you can picture it in your mind. Guess I will have to be better about taking pictures now that I am on the one-post-a-day bandwagon :-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

Okay...now don't go judging me for encouraging Addie to be an SIU dancer or cheerleader just like her mommy. I will be fine if she ends up being a part of any Saluki athletic team :-) But while I have the opportunity to dress her in whatever I want...it's Saluki spirit all the way. I will be heading down to SIU for homecoming this year and I CAN'T WAIT! I haven't seen my BFs Mandy and Amy since May and I haven't seen my BF Leslie since January!!! So I guess it is about time for a Shaker reunion (even though Amy won't be there because she will be busy running the Chicago marathon). SIU was a huge part of my life for a long time and I can't wait to show Addie off to all of my old friends. Plus, Addie has about 5 boyfriends waiting for her when she gets down there. One girl with 5 boyfriends....it sounds like college all over again :-)

* P.S. Notice how Addie is wearing the same ribbon I had in my hair 6 years ago? I keep everything :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Little Ballerina

Since Uncle Ryan has been busy traveling and because I had a giftcard burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to take Addie to Jill's Portrait Studio in Naperville for her 6-month pictures. I was a little worried that the pictures weren't going to turn out. For one thing, Addie was a little fussy in the car on the way to the studio that day. Never a good sign. And on top of that, it was raining cats and dogs and I wasn't sure how I was going to get her, a diaper bag, 3 outfit changes, my purse AND Eric all into the studio without something or someone getting soaked. Eric ended up taking one for the team and dropped us off at the door. Luckily we were all dry and presentable for the pictures (thanks to the fabulous changing room they had there). It was perfect and Addison ended up being in a great mood once she got out of her carseat. We snapped a few family shots, which turned out great, but my FAVORITE shots are of her in her little tutu. She makes the cutest little ballerina :-) Jill's studio did a fantastic job and even though I would love to post every single picture they took, I thought I would just include a few of my favorites for now. I am sure I will have more to come later...especially when Uncle Ryan gets home and wants to show them up with some shots of his own :-) Enjoy!

Bears Sunday

What better day to celebrate Eric's Dad's birthday than on Beer-n-Bears Sunday!! Nia was all dressed up for the occasion in her cute little Bears Cheerleading outfit. But after the Bear's pathetic loss yesterday, Nia decided to call the locker room to tell them that she's not going to wear her uniform again until they all step it up a notch. Addie didn't really seem bothered by the loss...she was more interested in following Nia around the house. I love watching the girls play together. Just think, in another year or two, they will be playing dollies together. In another 5 years, they will be riding bikes together. In another 10 years, they will be begging us to take them to the mall. In another 15 years, they will be stealing wine coolers out of our fridge and hiding behind the garage to drink them. Oh wait...that was Dana and I :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Hero

I hate running. I absolutely, positively HATE running. In fact, my version of hell is running a track for eternity listening to country music. So any person who runs on a regular basis and actually enjoys it is my hero. My BF Amy is one of my heros. She is a mommy of two darling little boys and in her "spare time" she is training for the Chicago marathon. On Friday, while I was trying to decide if I had the energy to get on the elliptical for 20 minutes, Amy was out running 20 MILES!!! Yes folks...20 miles. And on October 12th, she will run 26 miles. I am just so proud of her. She has worked so hard for this and I can't wait to hear about her crossing the finish line. She likes to joke and say that I could do this too but she doesn't realize that after one mile, I would have intense side cramps. And if I made it to 2 miles, I would most likely have to stop and puke. So while I appreciate her vote of confidence, I will just stick to cheering her on this year. If you would like to find out all the details about Amy's run and all the other fun things going on in the Butterfield household, be sure to check out her blog. Good luck Aims! Mando and I will be thinking of you!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cleaning Bandit

Does it ever seem like all you do is clean your house? I swear...every time someone asks me what I am doing over the weekend I say "teaching and cleaning." And if I do clean every weekend, why does my house always feel like it is in shambles? Why do I always have AT LEAST  2 loads of laundry waiting in the hamper? Why is the sink always full of dishes and baby items? Why is my beautiful new Dyson vacuum always sitting in the middle of an unvacuumed room? Maybe the reason I have a dirty ass house is because all I do is blog. Haha :-)

Where Did My Baby Go?

After a nice two hour nap, I heard Addie on the monitor talking to herself. She usually plays with her dolly for a while when she wakes up so I let her be. But when I went in her room to get her, I realized she wasn't playing with her dolly...she was sitting up! I could see her little head looking at me over the railing and I just had to laugh. Then of course once I started laughing, she started laughing too. I cannot believe she has already figured out how to get into the sitting position on her own. She thinks its the coolest thing ever. I guess it is time to drop the crib all the way down because if we keep going at this rate, she is going to be pulling herself up in no time. Where did my baby go?

Brain Fried

It's a little before 1:00 a.m. and I just realized that this is the first time I have been up this late for a non-baby reason in almost a year! I wish I could say I was doing something fun like drinking wine with my girlfriends but nope...I just got done grading 25 freshman English papers. Although now I might have to drink a glass (or bottle) of wine because I am officially brain fried. I have to say that that this whole mommy/teacher gig would be a lot easier if I taught in an elementary school. Now don't get me wrong, some of my college students have the same maturity level as a first grader, but they still expect me to teach them how to write. I am just having a hard time learning how to switch gears. All day I played peek-a-boo, changed dirty diapers and repeated "ma ma" over and over again. After 7:00, I have done nothing but correct comma splices and write about the proper usage of parenthetical citations. I am afraid that I am going to end up playing Pat-a-Cake with one of my students and reading an argumentative essay on gay and lesbian marriage to Addison. But honestly...do you think she would even know the difference? And for that matter...would my students?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mama's New 'Do

I realized last week that it was time for this mama to get a new 'do. I had been growing my hair since before I got pregnant with Addison and as much as I loved my long hair...I was over it. I was constantly pulling it in a pony tail and I was starting to look more like a white trash mama than the cute stylish mama I strive to be. I am still working on those last few F-ing baby pounds but to celebrate the return of my pre-pregnancy jeans, I decided to go all out and chop my hair today.  This isn't my favorite picture, but at least you can see my new 'do. I LOVE IT! I feel like a new woman. I am determined to style it every day so that at least if I am in my sweats and tennis shoes...I will still have cute hair :-) 

Brennan Is Here!!!

As I said, my cousin-in-law Maggie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Monday. His name is Brennan Riley Deering and he weighed 8 pounds, 11 ounces. He has a full head of dark hair just like his mommy! He has Daddy Sean's eyes though :-) Brennan is on his way home today and I am so excited to get Addison over to meet her only boy cousin (so far). Brennan joins Addison, Audrey and Nia as the fourth cousin on my mother-in-law's side. He is going to be quite the ladies man. We went to visit Brennan last night and I think Eric and I both came home with baby fever. But don't worry, I also baby sat 3 kids yesterday and had the opposite of baby fever so the feelings even themselves out :-) Welcome to the family baby boy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Davis Daycare

My cousin-in-law Maggie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last night. It was a little late for anyone to go visit so today, my sister-in-law Dana and other cousin-in-law Katie both called me for babysitting duty. I couldn't say no, since the two of them were so excited to get to the hospital. So around 11:00, two SUVs pulled in my driveway. I watched them unload the girls as I held Addison and thought to myself "what the hell am I doing? I am going to watch two 6-month-olds and a 12-month-old at the same time!" It was a little late to go back on my offer so I just smiled and welcomed everyone to Davis Daycare. I only watched the girls for an hour and a half but let me tell you what...I have a new found respect for all mothers of twins and triplets. Actually, I have a new found respect for all mothers of 3 or more. How my Grandma survived having 13 children I will never know. 
But aside from only two minor crying spells, the girls were wonderful! I corralled them in my family room by blocking the entrance with the exersaucer. Nia is the only one that can walk but since Addie and Audrey are rolling and crawling all over the place, I wanted to keep them all where I could see them. Nia is my little Houdini though and she managed to escape several times. I caught her in the act (see pic above). She managed to squeeze between the exersaucer and the wall. She is a smart little cookie :-) I have to say that even though I was dog tired when the girls left, I had a pretty great time watching them interact with each other. Addie and Audrey just rolled around on the floor together playing with each other's hair (okay...Addie played with Audrey's hair and Audrey just patted Addie's peach fuzz) but it was still cute. And Nia was my little helper. Whenever one of the girls would drop a toy, Nia would pick it up and hand it to them. When Addie stole Nia's paci, Nia took it back, stuck it in her mouth, and then gave it back to Addison. I guess she just wanted to test it out for her :-) I was so happy to see how much the girls enjoyed being around each other. Its going to be so much fun watching them grow. But if I am going to watch all three of them again, I am going to need to install a room gate and drink a very large can of Red Bull.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Holy sCRAP!

So...after gathering up all of my scrapbooks, pictures and other various sentimental items from around the house I have realized one thing...I have a LOT of work to do. I have 12 unfinished albums. I started our pre-wedding album, but never finished. I started our wedding album, but never finished. I started a few holiday books, but never finished. I think you get the point. You can see the stack of albums on my scrap table and once I finish organizing all of it, I will start one book at time. First on the list, a VERY cute coffee book table that my Aunt had made for me. I figure that will be an easy place to start and it's one book I can keep out for everyone to see. I do have Addison's birth book finished but considering she is already 6 months old, I figure I better get cracking. So anyway...just wanted to post my progress. I have been working like a mad woman this entire rainy weekend trying to get things in order. Now comes the hard part...actually finding time to work on these :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reading To Your Baby

Let me just say that I LOVE to read. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved going to the bookstore with my mom. I was VERY into the "Berenstain Bears" and then moved on to more mature selections like "The Babysitter's Club" and R.L. Stein. I still have all of those books tucked away in boxes in case Addison ever has any interest in reading them. I am not sure if she will become the avid reader like I am, but I am trying my hardest to expose her to books as much as I can. I love reading to her and she really gets a kick out of looking at the pictures and helping me turn the page. I read a very interesting article the other day about the benefits of reading to your baby. The article said, "Reading will help build your child's vocabulary, stimulate his imagination, and improve his communication skills. In fact, the more you speak to your child form the get-go, the better it is for his growth and development." I am not sure if my reading to Addie will make her a better communicator, but I do know that she is already taking an interest in books (see pic above). I am not sure if she is reading the book or contemplating how to put it in her mouth...but either way...I am happy she is playing with it :-) 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Addie and Mommie DO Look Alike!

There is no question about it....Addison looks just like her Daddy. She has his chin, mouth and dimples. I can't go anywhere without someone saying, "Oh my gosh...she looks JUST like Eric!" My Mom and I even joke sometimes and call her Erica :-) And as much as I love that Addie is taking after her Daddy, I still get a little sad that she doesn't look anything like me. So I guess you can imagine how excited I got when I saw this picture of the two of us. Is it just me, or does Addie not look like her mama in this picture? Maybe it's our huge smiles (I know...I am all teeth) or maybe it's our chubby cheeks. Either way...I am going to carry this picture around in my purse so that I can show people and say, "see...I told you she was my daughter :-)"

I'm On A Mission...

So...I'm on a mission today. I decided that I HAVE to start scrapbooking if I am every going to keep up. Addison is 6 months old and I haven't scrapbooked since I finished her newborn book 5 months ago!!! But before I can even begin to think about the actual scrapbooking part, I have to organize 5 months worth of pictures. Before the baby was here, I was lucky if I pulled my camera out twice in 5 months. But ever since I became this camera happy psycho mom, I have collected a stack of pictures a mile high. So that is my project today...organizing my pictures. I promise to post my progress later :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grandmas Have Baby Brain Moments Too!

Shopping with a stroller is a lot harder than you realize, especially when you have to search department stores for the little elevator hidden in the corner of the shoe section. These scary little boxes of death always smell and they have all these buttons that just scream disaster. You know...like the emergency stop button or the one with just a picture of the little axe and fire hat on it. Those just freak me out. And honestly, they don't really make much sense to me. I mean, what would an emergency stop button really do if we were plummeting to our death in a tin box? And would it make a difference if we press the little fire hat button? I mean if the elevator is on fire...is there really time to send for the fire department before we are cooked like a lean cuisine? I may just be thinking too hard about this but even my Mom had to weigh in on the button that confuses her. The 1 button. We were on the first floor in Sears trying to go up and she kept hitting the one button. I said, "Mom...we are on the first floor. That is why the 1 button isn't working". She replied, "Then why the hell is there a 1 button on the first floor elevator!".............long silence as I look at her..........."Ohhh....". It seems even Grandmas have baby brain moments :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Addie's Fall Wardrobe

Looking for some cute fall baby clothes? If so...you have to check out Gymboree right now. They are having lots of sales AND they are giving away Gymbucks. I had never heard of these before but whenever you spend $50, you get $25 in Gymbucks to use another time. Like I need another reason to shop in there :-) I got Addie some of the cutest fall clothes today. I bought her a dress, two sweaters, and three pairs of tights for $50! I know you might be thinking, "$50 isn't THAT great a deal" but for Gymboree it is! They just have the cutest stuff...I can't resist sometimes. One of the sweaters I bought Addie today is this polka dot hoodie. I can't wait to see her in it. Anyway, just wanted to pass along my great finds. Happy shopping! Oh, you can earn Gymbucks online too at www.gymboree.com.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

That's Right...I Have TWO Babies!

I am not sure who is more high maintenance... Addie or Howie. Howie was my first baby, in case you didn't know. My parents gave him to me as a Valentine's Day present when I lived alone in my first townhouse. Howie got ALL the attention, just like any new baby does. Everyone wanted to hold him, pet him and play with him. I bought him cute outfits (like the hoodie he is wearing in this pic), I took him to the park and I took a MILLION pictures of him, just like I do with Addie. I knew things would be different once Eric and I had our first child but I promised myself I wouldn't neglect my first born. Well...that is easier said than done. Eric and I try hard to play with him whenever the baby is asleep or occupied. Problem is...Howie wants more. He doesn't want you to throw his ball once, he wants you to throw it 637 times. He doesn't want to just eat one of his dingos (his favorite type of dog treat), he wants to eat it on your lap. He doesn't want to go for a walk down the sidewalk, he wants to walk and pee on every bush and tree in sight. And why shouldn't he? He is a dog! He can't help that he wants to play ball all day and pee all over the neighborhood and lick his own ass. If that's what makes him happy, I should accommodate. I am his mommy and always will be. So Mr. Howard...I just want to say sorry for yelling at you today when you rolled your ball under the couch for the 90th time. I shouldn't have called you an a-hole. I promise to make some time for you every day and not neglect you when you beg for my attention. I think I may even take you out for a new hoodie this weekend since you can't fit into your old one. I love you my little porkie yorkie!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Addie is 6 Months Old!!!

Look at my big girl...she is 6 months old!!!! I just can't believe it. Half a year has already gone by and I am sure the second half will go even faster. Addison has developed the cutest personality. I love watching her play and laugh and talk to just about anyone who will listen. She is a heartbeat away from crawling at this point, which means that Eric and I are busy baby-proofing the house. I can tell that this little bugger is going to be into everything once she is on the move. 
I think the best part about this age is that Addie and I are finally developing a real relationship. Before I was just a meal ticket to her. You know...a walking set of boobs (I still think that is all I am to Eric but whatever :-) But now that she can recognize me and interact with me, I feel like her and I are really developing a tight mommy-daughter bond. She's my little 2 foot, 4 inch best friend :-)
And speaking of height, we just got back from Addie's 6-month pedi appointment and here are the stats:

Weight: 18 pounds, 15 ounces
Length: 28 inches 
Teeth: Bottom two teeth are in, top two are VERY close
Milestones: We can roll every way possible, we can sit up unassisted, and we are just about crawling. I give it a week.

The doc says Addie looks like a "happy, healthy little baby" and I can't ask for a better report than that :-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Uncle of the Year

I know Addie would never play favorites with her uncles...but if she were going to give an award for Uncle of the Year....I think my brother Ryan might have it in the bag. He has had to travel a lot the past few months for his job (he is an engineer and travels all over the U.S. and Canada). He has been to Nebraska, Colorado, California and Alaska all within the last few months and even though he is running around like a chicken with his head cut off, he still always finds time to buy Addie a gift from each of his stops. While he was in Alaska, he bought her a stuffed moose and pop-up book. While he was in Colorado, he bought her a pink piggy bank. Unfortunately, the piggy bank did not survive the trip home. But after a tube of glue and some major creativity, Ryan was able to get the piggy bank back together. It's not the cutest thing in the world...but it does hold money which is all that matters. Ryan was still a litle bummed about the busted piggy so while he was in California last week, he got Addie a brand new one to add to her collection. This one made it home just fine. As you can see....Addie loves it! I think her favorite part is watching Uncle Ryan dump all his loose change into it. Addie is going to have one hell of a shopping spree at Toys-R-Us when she figures out how to bust those things open :-) 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Welcome To the Family Charlie!

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan stopped by the house today to introduce us to a new member of our extended family...Charlie! Meagan adopted him from a shelter in central Illinois and he is cute as a button! All we know about Charlie so far is that he is a year old, a Yorkie/Maltese mix and he loves to run in our back yard and eat sticks. Oh...and he loves to pee...on everything :-) Howie was acting a little territorial today but I think he will warm up to him in no time. Charlie already felt right at home today with his new mommy (and daddy) and he will be home to meet his second new mommy (Meagan's sister Trisha) sometime this afternoon. We are all so excited to have a new fur baby running around. Welcome to the family Charlie boy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Love You Rufus!

Pottery Barn Kids is by far one of my favorite baby stores. When I was pregnant, my mom and I would make special trips to Oakbrook just to look around in PBK (and Land Of Nod). On one of our shopping trips, we saw the most adorable stuffed animal. His name is Rufus and he is a stuffed dog about the size of a real dog. I had him in my hand at PBK but decided at the last minute to put him back since I didn't know how many other stuffed animals I would get at my shower. After I got home, I was SO upset that I didn't buy him. It wasn't like I couldn't just run back up to Oakbrook but it was winter, I was 8 months pregnant and Oakbrook is an outdoor mall! I even called my mom all sad an emotional that I didn't buy the dog because now that I was home and sitting in Addie's nursery, I could just picture her playing with him and calling him her doggie. Like I said...I was 8 months pregnant and totally hormonal. Well I am not sure at what point my mom drove all the way back to get him but when I walked into my shower...there was Rufus...sitting front and center on my gift table. I was so happy I almost cried. Okay...I did cry. But I was just so excited!! I couldn't wait for Addie to be here so she could play with him. Then I thought to myself "oh crap...what if I made this huge fuss about a stuffed dog and she doesn't even want to play with it!". As you can see, all my worries were for nothing because Addie loves her Rufus!! Whenever I put her in her chair with Rufus she starts laughing and smiling and hugs him tight. It is even cuter than I pictured. Thanks for making the drive all the way back to Oakbrook in the snow for a stuffed dog mamacita! You're the best! Oh..Addie thanks you too :-)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Mama...I'll Tell YOU When I Want to Nap

I promised a long time ago to review the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child" and although I haven't read the book cover to cover, I have tried several of his methods and in doing so I have come to one conclusion...Addie is not a schedule savvy baby. 

First of all, I feel like the past month of my life has been all about timing. I have planned every activity of every day around when and where I will get Addie to sleep. I have tried to keep her from sleeping in her carseat and stroller because the book says those are two VERY big no-nos when you are trying to set a sleep schedule. I have passed up the opportunity for play dates, shopping trips, lunches, etc. all so I can get her down when she is suppose to be down. Now don't get me wrong...it's not as if Addie and I have been two little hermits for the past month, but we have definitely spent a significant amount of time at home working on her sleep schedule. And honestly...it hasn't made one bit of difference. 

Addie has already developed an "I do what I want, when I want" type of attitude and at first I was worried about this. I remember telling my mom one day that I had become Addie's bitch. She had me working on her schedule. If she didn't feel like going down for a nap at 9:00, 1:00 and 4:00...she wasn't going down. Period. Being the control-freak that I am, I was determined to make this schedule happen. But every day, naptime became a battle and it was making us both unhappy! So...I decided to scrap the schedule and let her lead me. I quit looking at the clock and I didn't turn down one invitation this past week. We went shopping with Aunt Dana and cousin Nia, we went to breakfast and Target with Grandma, we went swimming with the girls, we had the family over for a BBQ and we went grocery shopping...twice! I didn't stop her from sleeping in her car seat or stroller. I didn't care if she went down for 1 or 4 naps at home. And most of all, I didn't care how long her naps where. If they were still going to be 20-30 minute cat naps...so be it. But the surprising thing was...they weren't cat naps! All of her naps at home this week have been at least an hour or more! Sure...she has had a cold and a few of those naps were in the arms of mommy and daddy but hey...it's still progress in my eyes! Even with a stuffy nose, I have the happiest schedule-free baby in the world. I mean...just look at this picture! This was after a very successful (and much needed) hour and fifteen minute nap this morning. So if this is what I can expect from Addie when I let her show me that she is tired instead of forcing her to be tired at a certain time...then I will gladly chuck the sleep schedule for good. Mommy bitch...reporting for duty!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Water Babies!!

As I was packing up some of Addie's clothes the other day, I saw her little swimsuit hanging in the back of the closet and I realized that she hasn't been swimming once this summer! So when Eric's cousin Katie invited us over to her mom's for a dip today...we couldn't resist! Addie LOVED the water. I think I might have a water baby on my hands :-) She spent most of the day floating around in the blow-up crab while mommy caught some rays. It was definitely Girl's Day at the pool. Great Aunt Sue, Katie, Audrey, Aunt Dana and cousin Nia were all there for the fun. It was most likely the last pool day for the year so I am happy we took advantage of it. I am a little sad to be packing up Addie's swimsuit for the year but at the same time, I am SOOOO happy to be packing up mine :-)

Labor Day Fun!

Not sure why...but blogger isn't letting me add any other pictures to this post. So I guess we will have to settle for one right now. This is a pic of Addie showing off her latest ability...sitting unassisted!! Woohoo! My baby girl is so grown up! Needless to say, her and Nia were the life of the party on Labor Day. Eric and I had a little BBQ to celebrate the holiday. We figured we would take advantage of the last summer weekend by getting everyone together for beer, burgers and brats. I am not ready for summer to be over, but I am ready for some new menu items that don't start with a B :-) 

Monday, September 1, 2008

Addie and Daddie

I know this is Addie and Mommie's Bloggie, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to post about Addie and Daddie every once and a while too :-) Especially when you take pictures as cute as this one! Addie was on day 3 of her cold yesterday and all she wanted to do was nap...for once in her life...but it had to be on mommy or daddy's chest. It was SO GREAT to have Eric home to help because I couldn't spend another minute in the rocking chair. In fact, when this cold is over, I might set fire to the rocking chair in the front yard. But like I said before...we will do anything for our little peanut. Colds are miserable and if cuddling is all it takes to make her feel better...we are all for it. 
So Addie and Daddie spent most of the day playing, cuddling and watching TV. At one point Eric looked at me and said "maybe I could be a stay-at-home Dad...this is aswesome!". I could have jumped back with my usual defense "do think this is all I do all day?" but I decided to let this one go. I was so appreciative of the 20 minute shower I took yesterday and the warm, uninterupted dinner I ate that I didn't feel like spoiling a good thing. Ahh...the things that bring me joy now that I'm a mommy :-)