Friday, September 19, 2008

Cleaning Bandit

Does it ever seem like all you do is clean your house? I swear...every time someone asks me what I am doing over the weekend I say "teaching and cleaning." And if I do clean every weekend, why does my house always feel like it is in shambles? Why do I always have AT LEAST  2 loads of laundry waiting in the hamper? Why is the sink always full of dishes and baby items? Why is my beautiful new Dyson vacuum always sitting in the middle of an unvacuumed room? Maybe the reason I have a dirty ass house is because all I do is blog. Haha :-)

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  1. Hey, I know where you are coming from. I wash at least 2 loads of clothes every day, mop every other day and not to mention the picking up after the boys. There are always toys ALL OVER THE PLACE! It's never ending... all day every day I clean.

    Thanks for the support, and you totally could do it... you can join me next year!!! Haha... just remember me running when you are enjoying yourself in Cdale homecoming weekend! I'll have to text you guys my results :)


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