Monday, September 29, 2008

Early Birthday Dinner!

My birthday isn't for another two weeks, but since my hubby will be working insane hours this month, we thought it would be best celebrate with his family a little early. Let me just say that I LOVE birthdays! My mother-in-law made me the best dinner and to top it off...we had icecream cake! Dairy Queen icecream cakes are my absolute fav and I ate a slice bigger than my head last night (and I wonder why I have love handles). Dana, Kevin and Nia got me a bunch of fun goodies AND a gift certificate for a mani/pedi (which is much needed right now). And since my father-in-law is one of my faithful blog readers...he knew I was saving up for a new front door so him and my mother-in-law made a VERY generous contribution to my door fund!!! Woohoo! Eric thought it was a great present, until he realized that he would have to install it. Sorry babe! But just think how great the house will look!! 

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