Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grandmas Have Baby Brain Moments Too!

Shopping with a stroller is a lot harder than you realize, especially when you have to search department stores for the little elevator hidden in the corner of the shoe section. These scary little boxes of death always smell and they have all these buttons that just scream disaster. You the emergency stop button or the one with just a picture of the little axe and fire hat on it. Those just freak me out. And honestly, they don't really make much sense to me. I mean, what would an emergency stop button really do if we were plummeting to our death in a tin box? And would it make a difference if we press the little fire hat button? I mean if the elevator is on there really time to send for the fire department before we are cooked like a lean cuisine? I may just be thinking too hard about this but even my Mom had to weigh in on the button that confuses her. The 1 button. We were on the first floor in Sears trying to go up and she kept hitting the one button. I said, "Mom...we are on the first floor. That is why the 1 button isn't working". She replied, "Then why the hell is there a 1 button on the first floor elevator!".............long silence as I look at her..........."Ohhh....". It seems even Grandmas have baby brain moments :-)


  1. I am laughing so hard right now, I'm crying. I can't even believe I said that out loud!!

  2. jenny, ask her about the time we brilliantly added something like 14 + 14 and divided by two.
    two heads aren't always better than one...


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