Monday, September 15, 2008

Holy sCRAP!

So...after gathering up all of my scrapbooks, pictures and other various sentimental items from around the house I have realized one thing...I have a LOT of work to do. I have 12 unfinished albums. I started our pre-wedding album, but never finished. I started our wedding album, but never finished. I started a few holiday books, but never finished. I think you get the point. You can see the stack of albums on my scrap table and once I finish organizing all of it, I will start one book at time. First on the list, a VERY cute coffee book table that my Aunt had made for me. I figure that will be an easy place to start and it's one book I can keep out for everyone to see. I do have Addison's birth book finished but considering she is already 6 months old, I figure I better get cracking. So anyway...just wanted to post my progress. I have been working like a mad woman this entire rainy weekend trying to get things in order. Now comes the hard part...actually finding time to work on these :-)

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