Friday, September 5, 2008

I Love You Rufus!

Pottery Barn Kids is by far one of my favorite baby stores. When I was pregnant, my mom and I would make special trips to Oakbrook just to look around in PBK (and Land Of Nod). On one of our shopping trips, we saw the most adorable stuffed animal. His name is Rufus and he is a stuffed dog about the size of a real dog. I had him in my hand at PBK but decided at the last minute to put him back since I didn't know how many other stuffed animals I would get at my shower. After I got home, I was SO upset that I didn't buy him. It wasn't like I couldn't just run back up to Oakbrook but it was winter, I was 8 months pregnant and Oakbrook is an outdoor mall! I even called my mom all sad an emotional that I didn't buy the dog because now that I was home and sitting in Addie's nursery, I could just picture her playing with him and calling him her doggie. Like I said...I was 8 months pregnant and totally hormonal. Well I am not sure at what point my mom drove all the way back to get him but when I walked into my shower...there was Rufus...sitting front and center on my gift table. I was so happy I almost cried. Okay...I did cry. But I was just so excited!! I couldn't wait for Addie to be here so she could play with him. Then I thought to myself "oh crap...what if I made this huge fuss about a stuffed dog and she doesn't even want to play with it!". As you can see, all my worries were for nothing because Addie loves her Rufus!! Whenever I put her in her chair with Rufus she starts laughing and smiling and hugs him tight. It is even cuter than I pictured. Thanks for making the drive all the way back to Oakbrook in the snow for a stuffed dog mamacita! You're the best! Oh..Addie thanks you too :-)


  1. Oh this is so cute! I love her little chair (and her shoes she has on) :)! P has a "rufus"...we call it his "CG" monkey. I love how they get attached so quickly to certain toys. I can't believe how big Addie is getting. SHe is doing so many new things...I love it!

  2. I remember the pics og P and his CG. So darn cute! She loves cuddling with this thing. I imagine she will be dragging him everywhere when she can walk. I am sure he won't be white for long :-)

    Oh, and I told you she loves the shoes. They are the only ones that will stay on her feet! Thanks again Auntie M!


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