Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

Okay...now don't go judging me for encouraging Addie to be an SIU dancer or cheerleader just like her mommy. I will be fine if she ends up being a part of any Saluki athletic team :-) But while I have the opportunity to dress her in whatever I want...it's Saluki spirit all the way. I will be heading down to SIU for homecoming this year and I CAN'T WAIT! I haven't seen my BFs Mandy and Amy since May and I haven't seen my BF Leslie since January!!! So I guess it is about time for a Shaker reunion (even though Amy won't be there because she will be busy running the Chicago marathon). SIU was a huge part of my life for a long time and I can't wait to show Addie off to all of my old friends. Plus, Addie has about 5 boyfriends waiting for her when she gets down there. One girl with 5 boyfriends....it sounds like college all over again :-)

* P.S. Notice how Addie is wearing the same ribbon I had in my hair 6 years ago? I keep everything :-)


  1. I was hoping Addie already had a shaker uniform. I can't believe that bow fits around her whole head. Tawmi is going to die when she sees how adorable she looks in that outfit! Can't wait to see you guys! I better go find P a FB jersey!

  2. Jen, what a cute article! I love how Addie is wearing the same ribbon. You DO save everything!! :-)


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