Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little Vampire

I already have Addie's Halloween costume all picked this year...but now I may have to reconsider. As of today, Addie has cut two new teeth. I figured she would be getting her top teeth soon but I expected her to get the front two teeth first. Nope! Addie has cut her two fang teeth first (sorry...I don't know the proper dental vocabulary) and so it looks like I will have a little vampire on my hands until the front two decide to break through as well. This may be the perfect opportunity to dress Addie up as a little vampire for Halloween. Not only does she have the teeth for it, but she has also learned this new monster noise that she makes ALL the time. All I would have to do is give her a cape and paint a widow's peak on her forehead! If she didn't look so cute in her SIU cheerleading outfit...I would honestly reconsider :-) 

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  1. LOL! Addie would make a GREAT vampire...!

    You've got an award waiting for you on my blog.. checkitout! :o)


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