Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Addie's Fall Wardrobe

Looking for some cute fall baby clothes? If have to check out Gymboree right now. They are having lots of sales AND they are giving away Gymbucks. I had never heard of these before but whenever you spend $50, you get $25 in Gymbucks to use another time. Like I need another reason to shop in there :-) I got Addie some of the cutest fall clothes today. I bought her a dress, two sweaters, and three pairs of tights for $50! I know you might be thinking, "$50 isn't THAT great a deal" but for Gymboree it is! They just have the cutest stuff...I can't resist sometimes. One of the sweaters I bought Addie today is this polka dot hoodie. I can't wait to see her in it. Anyway, just wanted to pass along my great finds. Happy shopping! Oh, you can earn Gymbucks online too at

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