Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mama's New 'Do

I realized last week that it was time for this mama to get a new 'do. I had been growing my hair since before I got pregnant with Addison and as much as I loved my long hair...I was over it. I was constantly pulling it in a pony tail and I was starting to look more like a white trash mama than the cute stylish mama I strive to be. I am still working on those last few F-ing baby pounds but to celebrate the return of my pre-pregnancy jeans, I decided to go all out and chop my hair today.  This isn't my favorite picture, but at least you can see my new 'do. I LOVE IT! I feel like a new woman. I am determined to style it every day so that at least if I am in my sweats and tennis shoes...I will still have cute hair :-) 


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