Tuesday, September 9, 2008

That's Right...I Have TWO Babies!

I am not sure who is more high maintenance... Addie or Howie. Howie was my first baby, in case you didn't know. My parents gave him to me as a Valentine's Day present when I lived alone in my first townhouse. Howie got ALL the attention, just like any new baby does. Everyone wanted to hold him, pet him and play with him. I bought him cute outfits (like the hoodie he is wearing in this pic), I took him to the park and I took a MILLION pictures of him, just like I do with Addie. I knew things would be different once Eric and I had our first child but I promised myself I wouldn't neglect my first born. Well...that is easier said than done. Eric and I try hard to play with him whenever the baby is asleep or occupied. Problem is...Howie wants more. He doesn't want you to throw his ball once, he wants you to throw it 637 times. He doesn't want to just eat one of his dingos (his favorite type of dog treat), he wants to eat it on your lap. He doesn't want to go for a walk down the sidewalk, he wants to walk and pee on every bush and tree in sight. And why shouldn't he? He is a dog! He can't help that he wants to play ball all day and pee all over the neighborhood and lick his own ass. If that's what makes him happy, I should accommodate. I am his mommy and always will be. So Mr. Howard...I just want to say sorry for yelling at you today when you rolled your ball under the couch for the 90th time. I shouldn't have called you an a-hole. I promise to make some time for you every day and not neglect you when you beg for my attention. I think I may even take you out for a new hoodie this weekend since you can't fit into your old one. I love you my little porkie yorkie!!

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