Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Water Babies!!

As I was packing up some of Addie's clothes the other day, I saw her little swimsuit hanging in the back of the closet and I realized that she hasn't been swimming once this summer! So when Eric's cousin Katie invited us over to her mom's for a dip today...we couldn't resist! Addie LOVED the water. I think I might have a water baby on my hands :-) She spent most of the day floating around in the blow-up crab while mommy caught some rays. It was definitely Girl's Day at the pool. Great Aunt Sue, Katie, Audrey, Aunt Dana and cousin Nia were all there for the fun. It was most likely the last pool day for the year so I am happy we took advantage of it. I am a little sad to be packing up Addie's swimsuit for the year but at the same time, I am SOOOO happy to be packing up mine :-)


  1. Awww P has that same crab and he doesn't ever look near as happy floating in it as Addie! He likes the little wings (that 3 yr olds wear) and he thinks he has to be swimming the whole time he's in the pool. He's so independent that it makes me want to cry. I wish he would just float there with a smile like Addie!

  2. Love the blog and all the pictures of Addie...she is sooo cute!


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