Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Addie is 7 Months Old!

Can you believe this little peanut is already 7 months old!! This was a big month for us! We went from rolling to crawling to standing!!! Addie loves to climb right now and she already has a bump on her forehead to prove it :-) She cut two new teeth this month and has two more on the way. We also had a doctors visit last week so she could get a flu shot and she weighed 20 pounds and was 28 1/2 inches long!! Needless to say, she is still one healthy little baby :-) We are embarking on our first road trip to SIU this weekend and I can't wait! I just hope she grows out of this "I hate my carseat" attitude before Friday. 7 month olds....so high maintenance :-)


  1. CUTE picture Jen! Keep the pics coming, you are so good about updating...Oh and Brecken HATES his car seat too! I thought I had the only baby that screamed the whole way home...hahahaha!


  2. What a cute mommy/daughter pic! I can't get P to sit still long enough for a pic with him. I have to catch him on the go...that's all he gives me. What do you think about taking A and P to the parade before the tailgate?

  3. I am all for the parade! My mom and I were just talking about it today. Lets do it :-)


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