Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas Advent Calendar...Help Me Decide only took one comment and a couple of hours to talk myself into buying Addie her first Christmas Advent Calendar. Glad I took some time to think about it :-) But now I need some help. Before purchasing the calendar, I decided to check out Pottery Barn Kids just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Well wouldn't you know...I found another adorable advent calendar! This one also has pockets for stashing little gifts and candy, but the pockets on this one are bigger and the calendar itself is in the shape of a Christmas tree. VERY cute. So now I don't know which one to get!!! Here are the pros/cons for both:

* Pockets are bigger for stashing larger gifts and candy. That can be both pro and con, since bigger gifts can mean more $
* Christmas tree shape is VERY cute, but it is big and will take up a larger space on the wall. 
* Depending on where you hang it, kids might need step ladder to get to the top.

* The calendar is a great size for hanging. 
* Pockets are small so it can only include candy, a tiny gift, or a note. 
* Pockets come off so there are pieces to keep track of.
* This calendar has Free Shipping :-)

Overall, both calendars are adorable, cost the same (aside from shipping) and can be personalized with our last name. The size and shape are really the only differences between them. I just don't know which one to pick!!!! So why don't you help me by voting (see right column). I appreciate your help :-)


  1. I vote for the Land of Nod. I like that the pockets come off. It makes counting the days clearer and easier to see. They are both adorable but I love the cuteness of the Land of Nod one! Can I vote more than once???

  2. I also like the Land of the Nod one. I think it's more cutesy looking and I like how the pockets come off too. Hope this helps you decide!

  3. Thanks mama and Heather. I am starting to lean towards the Land of Nod one too. I think it will be more fun to take the pockets off each day and watch them pile up. I also like the size of it. Thanks girls...this does help a lot :-)


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