Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenie...Again!!!

As promised, here are more Halloween pics! We had all kinds of visitors today!! Grandma and Grandpa Davis, Grandma and Grandpa Mueller AND Uncle Adam!! I bet Addie wishes it was Halloween every day! She was the life of the party in her little SIU cheerleader uniform. Howie did pretty well too...but as you can more pics of him. He was OVER the lobster costume. It was a little small for him since he is a little heavier than he was when I bought the costume last year. But then am I. No judgement here Howard! 
Anyway, it was a fantastic Halloween at the Davis household. The weather was 70 degrees and couldn't ask for a better trick-or-treat night. I remember my mom bundling us in winter coats, hats and scarves for Halloween when we were kids. All the trick-or-treaters had it made this year. It is a lot more fun going from door to door when people can actually see your costume. Speaking of costumes...I had to laugh so hard at my mom tonight. There was a little girl walking around in a Hannah Montana costume and my mom goes, "Aww....are you Brittany Spears?" The little girl just sort of looked at her and said, in a sassy little voice, "I'm Hannah Montana". I was like "yeah mom...did the girl have a shaved head? No. Was she beating the crap out of my Envoy with an umbrella? No." Okay...enough making fun of Brit. I just thought it was funny that the little girl took so much offense to it :-) I gave her an extra snickers bar for being such a little diva. I should have given her my whole bowl of candy because I still have way too much left. I said I wasn't going to eat any more candy after tonight so I guess I better go pour myself a big glass a milk because I have a lot to get through before midnight :-) Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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