Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Have the Christmas Bug

I know, I know...Halloween isn't even here yet and I already have the Christmas bug. I get this way every year and I have to remind myself that Halloween AND Thanksgiving come first. But who cares right? This is my baby's first Christmas so I think I am allowed to jump the gun a little. I know Addie isn't going to grasp the whole concept of Christmas this year, but that doesn't make me any less excited to celebrate it with her. I have actually been contemplating a purchase. It is a Christmas Advent Calendar from Land of Nod and I think it is just ADORABLE! Each day you remove a little pocket, which you can fill with a little present or piece of candy, and the kids can count down the days until Christmas. I just think this is such a fun way to celebrate each day of the holiday season. If I had it my way, I would start the countdown the day after Halloween...but I guess December 1st will do :-) I know it is a bit pricey and Addie really won't understand it until at least next Christmas....but I would sort of like to start the tradition now, even if I have to fill each pocket with Gerber Puffs :-) What do we think?


  1. Um, I am SO glad that you posted this, because I bought Isaac's first "Baby's first Christmas" Ornament yesterday! I love the advent calendar, and I agree that Christmas and it's traditions can't start soon enough! That's why I am MAKING Jeff take Isaac and I to cut down our real tree this year, I know Isaac won't care, but I then I can honestly say we have done it EVERY one of his Christmas'! Sorry for all the grammar problems in here... I still have baby brain! But, I say BUY THE CALENDAR! Take care friend!

  2. Thanks honey...I knew I could count on my new mommy friends to help me justify my christmas shopping in October. And you are right...its important to start traditions from the very beginning so you can say you did it EVERY christmas. Can't wait to see pics of you, Jeff and Isaac hunting hunting down your first family tree :-)


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